#MyKintecStory – Vanessa Matty, Run Clinic Participant

#MyKintecStory – Vanessa Matty, Run Clinic Participant

My sister invited me to join her after she had signed up for a 10-week Kintec clinic, training to run 10 km. She said, “you can totally do this!” I naively signed up without knowing what I was getting into. I was six months post-partum with my fourth kid in five years – my running experience was mostly just chasing after my kids.

So I signed up, knowing I wanted to get in better shape and hoping this clinic would get me there. I huffed my way through the first run, almost entirely out of breath. The next week, the run was just as rough, and I started to question whether I should continue with the clinic.

Vanessa (right) and her sister, Goldie at the Elf Run.

My first attempt at a run on my own ended with me walking most of the route. I was so discouraged and felt defeated.

I knew every bit of physical activity was a good thing and helping me to be healthier but I was worried I was slowing everyone down, and never going to make progress. Shelley, the leader of the clinic, knew exactly what I needed to hear to stay motivated. So, despite wanting to quit, I continued to show up each week.

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Five weeks later, and running was still difficult. But, it was starting to feel like I could do more than I had a month earlier. I still struggled and at times wondered if this was worth it, but knew everything was for my physical and emotional health.

At this point, we were encouraged to set a goal. So I decided I wanted to run 10km, laughing at how this did not seem possible based on where I started just five weeks before. Each week, I showed up at the clinic and tried my best on the extra run.

Vanessa’s sister Goldie, run clinic instructor Shelley, Vanessa and Brenda during a run clinic.

We had an incredibly memorable run on the last night of the 10-week clinic. In the pouring rain and at a nice, slow pace, I ran 10.8 km! It shocked me. Two months earlier, this goal had seemed so unachievable and yet here I was achieving it. What made this possible? My commitment to show up, encouragement from the leaders, and determination to not give up.

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Once I had achieved my first goal of running 10 km, I set a new goal. I was going to run a half marathon! I’ve continued to follow the Kintec program by meeting once a week with other runners, including a few I met through the Kintec clinic! I feel more accountable and focused meeting consistently with others. It’s not always easy and many times I feel like staying home, but I made the choice to continue doing this for my personal health, and am always grateful I did after each run.

Signing up for the Kintec run clinic changed my life. Joining the clinic not only helped me to achieve my physical goals but it also helped my personal confidence. The scale did not change, my clothes did not fit different but my attitude had shifted. I felt confident and proud – like I could accomplish anything I set my mind to.

Vanessa Matty
Run Clinic Participant

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