Custom Orthotics

Precision relief for foot and lower-body pain.

Experience Kintec’s Fit System In-Store

Our fitting process starts by understanding your lifestyle. Next, we use a biomechanical assessment and video gait analysis to better understand how the mechanics in your feet are affecting the alignment in your legs and the rest of your body.

We use what we learn about you to build the perfect fitting orthotic


Precision Fit

Using the latest in 3D laser scanning technology, we have developed proprietary software which allows us to capture the most accurate 3D model of your feet. Our technicians then input those digital scans into our CAD/CAM software and our team creates your custom orthotics in-house.

20,000+ Combinations

By combining raw materials with different cushioning and energy return rates we can incorporate over 20,000 mechanical characteristics into your orthotics. Our team of Kinesiologists and Canadian Board Certified Pedorthists will create orthotics that are individually tailored to your feet and body mechanics.

Serviceable Modular Design

As times goes by, your lifestyle may change, and so can your footcare needs. Our orthotics are designed to be serviceable and customizable to meet your ever evolving needs.

Activity-Based Orthotics

Kintec’s custom orthotics are made to suit not only your medical needs but also your lifestyle and activities. Click into each orthotic to learn more.

Occupational Orthotics

Book an appointment with a certified pedorthist

Our new One2One program provides the highest level of safety and personalized service for your orthotic assessment and fitting.


One Year Free Adjustments

We offer an industry-exclusive one year period of free adjustments for your custom orthotics to ensure you get the best fit possible.

Orthotic-Page-Icons---May-2017-Comfort Guarantee

Comfort Guarantee

If your orthotics do not improve your overall comfort, we will work with you and your referring medical professional to find a solution or your money back.

Visit our FAQ page for more information on custom orthotics