4 Key Points for Proper Running Posture

4 Key Points for Proper Running Posture

If you’re new to running, you may not know that proper running posture is crucial for an all-around better performance. Maintaining good form while running will not only prevent extra stress on your body, but it will also help you use your energy more efficiently while you are out for a run.

Here are the 4 key points that will make you a better and more efficient runner:

1. Hips: Upright & Forwards

Your hips should be just right – not pushed too far back, and not pushed too far forward.

Make sure your hips and pelvis are upright and ever-so-slightly forward, as this will help enable your core while you are running.

2. Chest: Pulled Forward

Imagine a rope is pulling you forward. This will help your correct your posture while you’re running.

You should feel as if your chest is being pulled upright.

3. Head: Elevated, Not Tucked Down

Tucking your head down will restrict the flow of oxygen, and undo the rest of the good points in your posture.

Your head should be elevated, and always looking out head about 10 metres up the path.

4. Elbows: 90-Degree Angle

Your arms should always be locked at a 90-degree angle, and should always be driving forward.

If your cross your arms over your body, you put a lot of torque and rotation on the lower back. More importantly, this in inefficient – you’re using energy going side to side when the finish line is forward.

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