3 Beginner Running Drills For Improved Posture

3 Beginner Running Drills For Improved Posture

You’ve learned some key points about proper running posture, but do you know the drills that can help you improve your posture?

Here, we’ve demonstrated proper running drills – so-called the ABCs of running – for beginners to practice for improving their form. These drills can be done anywhere – on any local track, field, or other bare, flat running surface.

If you are struggling with these drills, it is advised that you receive professional assistance from a running clinic instructor or other professional.

Skipping A’s

Skipping As

The line from head to toe is straight, and the arms are driving forwards, not across the body. The knees are driving forward, in front of the body. This helps engage core, balance, and posture while running.

Skipping B’s

Skipping Bs

All the same postural techniques from Skipping A’s carry through to Skipping B’s. The foot extends out in front, however, the focus is not to kick the foot out, but to quickly draw the leg back underneath your body. This drill encourages engagement of the glutes and hamstrings, which are critical in the running gait cycle.

Skipping C’s

Skipping Cs

There is still focus on arm movement in Skipping C’s. The point of this drill is not to move forwards rapidly; the emphasis is on engaging the hamstrings and improving turnover.

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