Why Cotton is Rotten

Why Cotton is Rotten

Cotton has been used in textile manufacturing for thousands of years and is still one of the most widely used materials. It is well known for its soft, fluffy, comfortable nature, and its great ability to absorb moisture. While this feature is ideal if you are buying towels, it’s not the most suitable fabric for athletic gear. Here’s why cotton is rotten.

Cotten is Rotten: Here's why cotten socks are bad for running.

Why cotton socks aren’t fit for running

Cotton socks absorb about 50% of our sweat and hold it next to the skin. When this fabric absorbs moisture, it can cause friction against your skin and lead to blistering on your feet. When your feet don’t feel comfortable, your athletic performance can be affected significantly.

Instead, we recommend wearing non-cotton blend socks to reduce moisture build-up.

Manufacturers make technical socks from a variety of different fabrics. Socks are commonly synthetic blends, using polyester, nylon, and spandex, or natural blends like merino wool; and some are a combination of both. The most important thing is that material keeps your feet dry.

How do these socks keep your feet dry?

Moisture-wicking socks pull sweat away from the skin through the fabric. As moisture reaches the outside of the sock, it then has to leave somehow. The best way to keep your feet dry is to pair this mechanism with a breathable running shoe.

Kintec offers a variety of athletic socks from well-known brands such as Nike, Wigwam, ASICS, and Sole – just to name a few. Personally, my favourite is SmartWool Women’s PhD Running Ultra Micro.

Sara Girard, B.Kin
Kintec Pedorthist

Comfortable activewear is just one way you can make it more enjoyable. Here are other tips and tricks that will help make the path to health and wellness easier and more accessible!

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