The Beginner’s Guide To Creating A Green Smoothie

The Beginner’s Guide To Creating A Green Smoothie

Let’s talk about green smoothies. No, wait! Please don’t run away. I know everyone thinks green smoothies are off-putting and are one of the latest nightmares of a health fad that you can’t wake up from. But I think they get a bad rap.

The majesty of a green smoothie is how something with green leafy vegetables in it that fill your body with valuable vitamins and nutrients can taste so good at the same time. If you’ve decided 2017 is your year to get healthier and you want to incorporate more vegetables into your diet effortlessly, you probably need to learn how to make a green smoothie, and how to make one that tastes great.

Green smoothies for days

There are four important components to each smoothie:

Grab the Greens

Greens are the namesake of the green smoothie, after all. Don’t cheat with just kiwi or melon! Whatever greens you choose depends mostly on what you want in your smoothie. Because they’re packed with fibre, Kale and Spinach are both solid choices for beginners, but spinach tends to blends up smoother than kale. Some recipes call for greens such as swiss chard and beet leaves, but those can resemble a vegetable a little too much for a first-time consumer.

All About That Base

This part is entirely up to you! But if you value the visual aesthetic of the drink like I do, opt for fruit like mangos, pineapple, apples or peaches to keep the colour green. Frozen fruit works a bit better to bind everything together, but don’t fret — fresh fruit work just fine, too! Don’t forget, this is where you can blend in other vegetables too, such as cucumber, celery, and avocado.

The Remix

What kind of liquids should you put in your smoothie? Well, one great mix-in is coconut water. Smoothies are the only place I accept coconut water, since, frankly, I don’t like the taste of it. But this is a none-judgment zone, and you are allowed to like coconut water by itself. Other popular add-ins include soy milk, almond milk, fresh pressed juice, or even just water.

Accessories and Extras

It’s time for add-ins! Packed with omega-3s and fibre, chia seeds make a good accessory to your drink. Protein is another great add-in for a drink that will keep you full, and can be added with the help of protein powder or greek yogurt. To help the fruity flavours come through the greens, I find just a few drops of lemon juice works wonders.


Try it out!

So now that you have all this information, where to start? Here’s a simple smoothie recipe:

1. Spinach
2. Frozen pineapple
3. Coconut water
4. A little bit of lemon juice

First, drop a handful of spinach into your blending vessel. Pour some coconut water in, and blend. Add the pineapple, and blend a second time.

Blending the liquid with the greens helps ensure that everything is more evenly distributed. When everything is successfully blended, pour in a touch of lemon juice and stir with a spoon or straw.
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Congratulations: You’ve successfully made a tasty green smoothie!

Feel free to drink it out of the blending vessel, or put it into any decorative mason jar for optimal Instagram photo appeal – and experiment with the greens, fruit, liquids, and add-ins and prepare for many delicious green smoothies in the days ahead.


Montana Cumming
Social Media Coordinator, Kintec

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