Shoe Lacing Techniques: Tips and Tricks

Shoe Lacing Techniques: Tips and Tricks

Have you ever thought about different ways to lace up your shoes? Most people haven’t. We conform to the standard way that manufacturers pre-lace the shoe for us when we open up the shoe box. While this serves most people well most of the time, there are times where maybe lacing up a shoe differently would improve the fit and comfort; rather than feeling frustrated that the shoes don’t fit.

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Here are some shoe lacing techniques for common shoe issues:

1. “I feel a pressure point or hot spot on the top of my foot.”
Note: This usually occurs to people with a higher instep, but it can occur to anybody

What to do: Create a window around that pressure point by skipping the eyelets that immediately cross over that pressure point on your foot. Not to worry, as long as the top of the laces are done up securely, your shoe won’t fall off.

2. “I feel pressure on the top of my big toe nail.” or “I’ve bruised my big toe nail.”
Note: Assuming the shoe length and width isn’t too short or narrow

What to do: Put the lace through from the eyelet closest to the big toe and diagonally across in the opposite eyelet at the top of the shoe. Then thread the rest of lace through the remaining eyelets until you reach the top. This will lift up that area of the shoe a bit and reduce some of the pressure.

3. “My heel slips up and down at the back of my shoe.”
Note: This is common for those with a narrow heel or when trying to accommodate a wider forefoot

What to do: Heel lock lacing by using the last/upper most eyelet. Using the last eyelet, thread the lace on the same side (from the outside) to create a new loop (out of the lace).
Then take the ends of the laces, cross them over and insert into the new loop just created. Tie up as usual and lock in those heels.

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Although these tricks and tips may improve and customize your shoe fit, it is best to be fitted by an expert to sure your feet are in the proper shoes to begin with. The fitting experts at Kintec have extensive knowledge and training to assist with the fitting of footwear for even the most difficult to fit feet. Stop by one of our locations today for a free consultation and footwear fitting.

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Ermin Pagtakhan
Manager and Pedorthist

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