#MyRunStory – Wendy Enns

#MyRunStory – Wendy Enns

When I was in high school, a friend of mine dragged me to tryouts for track and field. I was very shy, not competitive and insecure about my abilities. Eventually, I found that I liked running best on my own, outside, and clearing my head. I jogged several times a week on my own for a few kilometres at a time, preferring wide open spaces on the prairies.

Over time I really started to enjoy running. When we moved to Abbotsford in 2005, I entered my first 5k race in Chilliwack, and completely surprised myself. After that, I started getting my courage up to try longer and longer distances. I tried the 10k Sun Run several times, and the Run for Water half marathon several times.

I noticed that – with running – you could improve your stamina and speed regardless of your natural athletic ability if you worked at it. I liked working for my own goal.

Abbotsford Trail Running Clininc Instructor Wendy Enns

However, I was never a fan of exhaust fumes, crowds or concrete.

Slowly, my husband and I started experimenting with trail running – we’d hike up places and run down. We found a lovely set of mountain biking trails in town that were flowy and fun.

We heard of the 5 Peaks race series and tried a couple races. A friend of ours challenged us all to a half marathon trail race. That got us working and training hard! We hooked up with the then fledgeling Abby Trail Running Club wondering if we could keep up with these guys. They turned out to be the most encouraging and accommodating folk, like most trail runners.

We became members of the group and next, we saw our numbers grow from under 10 to over 30 in 9 months!

A routine surgery went awry for me this past June and I nearly lost my life. I believe part of what saved me was my well-conditioned heart and lungs from trail running! This second chance at life makes every moment on the trail that much more precious. I am so grateful to be able to run like a kid, in nature, being present and mindful. I feel privileged to introduce others to this fun, beautiful, challenging and soulful sport!

Come out and run with us! Anyone can start somewhere and set goals to work toward!

Wendy Enns
Abbotsford Trail Running Clinic Instructor

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