It’s not your shoes: Other factors that affect your running

It’s not your shoes: Other factors that affect your running

“Running is difficult.”

“It hurts my knees.”

“I will never be a runner.”

I used to say all these things, but, then decided not to let these excuses stop me from getting fit. All I need is a good pair of runners and I can start running.  While this is true, is that all you need to continue and finish your running goals?

Here are some things that can influence your running, from training plans to nutrition.

What Else Can Affect Your Running?

Let’s look at five other things that can influence your running.

Training plan

I suggest following a specifically-designed program based off your current fitness level. This program should follow a 10% increase rule, to ensure your body gradually improves while limiting potential injuries.

Nutrition and hydration

Your sophisticated body requires proper fuel to keep it going and avoid burn out. A well-balanced meal plan and staying hydrated can make all the difference. Consult a nutritionist for more details.

Biomechanics and gait

Your feet and leg movement affect your running gait efficiency. You might be at risk for injury if your running gait and posture aren’t sound. Get assessed by a Certified Pedorthist to learn how you can improve your biomechanics and gait.


Although running solo seems great for clearing your mind, it can be hard to always be self-motivated. Join a run group or find a buddy to run with who has same goals as you. This is a sure way to keep yourself honest with your running!


Your body and mind need proper rest. You may not need 8 hours of sleep a night, but if low energy affects your work day and workouts, then you need to increase the hours from what you are currently doing.

Talk To An Expert

Running is a very fun sport! If you set a foundation for running and take the things that can influence your running into consideration, the only thing left to worry about is replacing your shoes after 500 to 800 km of use.

If you have any questions about footwear, biomechanics, or how your body moves, talk to a fitting expert at a Kintec location near you!

Ermin Pagtakhan
Director of Store Operations & Certified Pedorthist

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