Expert Running Tips For Beginners

Expert Running Tips For Beginners

For every runner, there’s a piece of advice they wish they knew when they started out — but had to learn the hard way. We figured who better to offer advice on running than our run clinic instructors, and members of the Kintec running community!

Here are some expert running tips for beginners, to help you start running on the right foot.

Run With A Friend

Find a friend who's also a beginner to go running with. The time passes way faster when you're busy catching up, and when you just aren't feeling it, chances are you'll make the effort to get out the door to avoid letting down a friend.

Find Proper Fitting Shoes

Get fit in a proper pair of running shoes from someone who has the knowledge to select a shoe based on your foot type. A fitting expert at Kintec can help you find running shoes that will help with exactly the sort of running you want to do!

Mix Up The Terrain

Find some beautiful trails in a local park and turn your run into an adventure in the forest. Plus the softer ground of the trail lessens the impact on your body and helps minimize injury.

For Injuries, Remember RICE

Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

Don’t Take On Too Much Too Quickly

You shouldn't increase your pace any more than by 10% at a time. If you can’t talk while you’re running, you’re going too fast.

Dress Properly For A Run

Don’t overdress! Add 20 degrees to the current temperature, and that’s what it will feel like once you’re warmed up. Double knot your shoelaces, and women – wear a supportive bra to minimize the bounce!

Prepare For Aches And Pains

Fill a Dixie cup full of water and place in your freezer. When you need to ice a sore muscle, tear the top part of the Dixie cup half-way down so you can hold it, then use the ice block to massage sore muscles.

Properly fitting running shoes will help you when you start running.

Run Facing Traffic

Remember that drivers are not looking out for you, so run defensively.

Goals, Goals, Goals!

Set small, realistic goals and keep a training log. Motivate yourself and measure your progress by signing up for a race about 10-12 weeks away. Races in your area are also a great way to get better acquainted with the local running community!

Invest In Proper Running Gear

In particular, you'll want to purchase a breathable and waterproof running jacket and some sweat-wicking, technical shirts and tights. A few key pieces will allow you to run in any weather and make it more fun to get outside. Remember: Don’t put your running clothes in the dryer!

Track Your Progress

Sign up for an account on a run tracking app to see how you are progressing over time. Some apps even include a social aspect where you can follow friends and get inspired by seeing other people's activities. My favourite is Strava - you can record your runs straight from the free app, or it connects to popular GPS watches such as Garmin's and Suuntos.

Don’t Eat Too Close To A Run

Don’t eat a big meal before you run. If you must eat, do it 2 hours before. Hydrate well the day before you run.

Practice Cross Training

Mix in some low-impact cross-training exercises on your days off of running.

New Clinics Starting Soon!

Kintec hosts run clinics year-round, featuring expert tips from experienced instructors, educational talks, and other benefits! We offer clinics all across Metro Vancouver – find a clinic near you open for registration today.

Looking For More Tips?

At Kintec, our mission is to keep people active on their feet for life regardless of their fitness level! That’s why we are so excited to announce that Kintec is the official footwear and orthotic sponsor of the Vancouver Sun Run.


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