Your Running Unmentionables

Your Running Unmentionables

When it comes to running, the importance of sports specific underwear is often underestimated. Improper underwear for physical activity such as running can lead to discomfort such as sweat, chafing, wedgies and more. The combination of heat, sweat, and friction in your nether regions can not only uncomfortable, it can be unhealthy.

As many of us already know, tight and non-breathable athletic clothing, including underwear, can trap heat and moisture. As a result, bacteria can grow and lead to infections and skin aggravation.

Underwear for Men

For the gents, I recommend the Kinetic and Pro Elite from Saxx underwear. Both offer Saxx’s signature patented internal mesh panels to keep everything in place while preventing unwanted friction and movement and allow contact-free support. The Kinetic’s action stretch fabric is specifically designed to endure high output aerobic activities due to features like moisture wicking, semi-compression and quick dry. While the Pro Elite offers a blend of polyester spandex, which provides firm support and quick dry comfort for any level of competitive sport.

Underwear for Women

For the ladies, I recommend Moving Comfort Out-Of-Sight underwear. These cute panties are made from a technical wicking fabric with an antimicrobial finish. For comfort, they are designed with free-cut leg openings which offer a soft, irritation-free fit. Finally, as the name eludes, their sew-free seams show no pantie lines! Stop by our Kintec Port Moody location and check out our wide selection of Moving Comfort bras and underwear.

Meredith Cale
Kintec Race Team

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