5 Peaks Buntzen Lake

5 Peaks Buntzen Lake

On Sept 29 the final 5 Peaks trail race of the year took place at Buntzen Lake. 5 Peaks holds 5 races in the Sea to Sky corridor every year and racers have the choice of a shorter Sport course or a longer Enduro course. Saturday’s race had a Sport course of a 10 km lap of the lake and an Enduro course of the Diez Vista trail, a 16 km loop with stunning views of downtown Vancouver, Indian Arm and Mt. Seymour. Unfortunately it was overcast on the day of the race and there were no views to had.

My 2 girls showing off their ribbons

The day started with a toddlers and kids race that both my kids ran in. After a bit of an apprehensive start they both opened up and ran the course with smiles on their faces. To the left is a picture of them holding up their race ribbons at the finish line.



The last couple of races that I participated in were over 30 km each with over 1000m of climbing, it was kind of nice doing a slightly shorter distance with much less climbing. I have done Diez Vista as a hike on my own, with one of my kids on my back in a child carrier and as a run. It is a great course and I was really looking forward to racing on it. After a steep power hike to get to the top of the ridge the trail turns into a technical run with a lot of roots, rocks and short steep descents and climbs, the type of course that I really like.

I am the one in the orange shirt.

I finished the race in 1:41 and in 43 spot. A pretty good finish for me in the top 25% of the pack (there were 185 finishers). I am looking forward to this one again next year and hope to get out to a couple more 5 Peaks races in 2013. A free pass to any 5 Peaks race can be found in the Vancouver Trail Running book which is sold at Kintec.



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  • Ermin

    October 4, 2012 at 5:01 pm

    Nice job Graham! Great time! I like how the bibs are as big as your kids torso. If you do this one again next year let me know…I want to do it too!

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