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All Kintec locations have trained Fitting Experts who will match you with the proper footwear to live a more active life

It starts with your fitting experience

A Fitting Expert will take time to understand you who are, what you do, and how your feet are affecting the rest of your body. Next, we’ll use a gait analysis to examine how your body is moving and how you can get the most out of your footwear.

Finding you the right footwear

Our selection is hand-picked by product experts based on characteristics like support, cushioning, width, and depth. Expect to find the perfect pair of performance footwear to match your work or activity needs.

Your fitting experience will cover the ‘Big 3’ of shoe fitting


Your shoe must match your unique foot shape and size based on a variety of factors including length, width, depth, and arch height.


From your heel to your toes, your shoe should feel awesome. Always!


Your shoe type needs to perform optimally for your unique mechanics in your desired activity.

Nina’s Kintec story

Learn why Kintec is the only store Nina visits to buy runners

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Fit Guarantee

Your comfort is our primary concern. If you are not happy with the fit of your shoes, simply return them within 30 days and we will replace them for free. Simple as that!

Price Match

If you find a better deal from another authorized reseller, we will match the price within 30 Days of purchase. This ensures that you will always find the best value shopping at Kintec.