At Kintec, our experts pair the right shoe technology with your activity needs. We always ensure you get the proper fit to reduce your risk of injury and keep you active on your feet.


All Kintec locations have trained Fitting Experts to fit you with the proper footwear for your unique biomechanics.

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We start the fitting process by getting to know you better.

Your Lifestyle

Different activities require varying amounts of support and control for your feet. Our specialists will spend time understanding the type of activities you take part in, the intensity, and the frequency.

Your Form and Movement

Everyone has a unique form, whether walking or running. We use video analysis to understand your natural movement and recommend a shoe that will be the most beneficial for you.

Your Feet and Alignment

No two people are built the same. We measure relevant aspects of your feet and body alignment to ensure the shoe we recommend fits you mechanically.

The shoes we carry must meet specific requirements for fit, feel, and function.


Your shoe must match your unique foot shape and size based on a variety of factors including length, width, depth, and arch height.


From your heel to your toes, your shoe should feel awesome. Always!


Your shoe type needs to perform optimally for your unique mechanics in your desired activity.

“Most people buy shoes because they like the colour or style, but don’t consider that their shoes may not fit correctly, which can cause pain and future health issues. At Kintec, we have specialists that will help you understand your feet and fit you into the right shoes for effective, injury-free running and walking.”

Mitch – VP of Retail Operations

We stand behind everything we do

Fit Guarantee

Your comfort is our primary concern. If you are not happy with the fit of your shoes, simply return them within 30 days and we will replace them for free. Simple as that!

Price Match

If you find a better deal from another authorized reseller, we will match the price within 30 Days of purchase. This ensures that you will always find the best value shopping at Kintec.