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Helping people stay active for life


When we set out to build this company, we did not want to just sell footwear – stores that sell shoes already exist. Kintec exists because we believe that by providing education on proper performance and health-oriented footwear, we can positively impact people’s lives.

To us, the opportunity to positively impact our customers’ lives every day is very exciting! It’s what drives every Kintec Pedorthist, Fitting Expert, and orthotic specialist. It’s why we go the extra mile in helping our customers find the perfect foot solution so that they can stay active, on their feet, and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Mark McColman
Founder & CEO

The people that built this vision


Founder & CEO

I started Kintec in 1991 with the intent of it being the best place to be fitted for footwear and orthotics in Canada. We have the Lower Mainland’s best selection of performance footwear and the most highly-trained staff in any footwear store in the country. Our commitment is GREAT customer service and value for your money.

Outside of Kintec, my passion includes kiteboarding, hockey, running, fishing, as well as motorcycle racing.



I started with Kintec in 2000 wanting to use my degree and having a passion for helping people stay active on their feet for life. Our training programs and ongoing development lead the pedorthic industry, and we have over 80 years of combined pedorthic experience within our pedorthic team.

Outside of work, I spend my time riding and racing my mountain bikes, fishing, trail-running and hanging out with my wife, two daughters, and my dog.


VP of Retail Operations

I started with Kintec in 2001 wanting to work for a growing company where I could use my degree. I am proud to say that I have directly managed 4 of our stores, and have become one of the senior leaders within the Kintec.

Outside of work, I coach wrestling, as I used to be a competitive wrestler. I hike, golf, and most importantly spend time with wife and daughter. My wife and I also love to travel. In 2008 we actually trekked to Everest Base Camp!

Kintec specialists across our stores




You can usually find me on a running trail, a yoga mat, in the gym, or at a farmer’s market, because I love to cook and bake.

I enjoy using my knowledge and experience to help someone return to the sport or activity they love after an injury.



I love playing volleyball and anything else that allows me to get outside. I also cycle to work every day.

My favourite part about working at Kintec is meeting new people every day and providing them with the tools they need to stay active!



Outside of work I like to stay active by playing hockey, golf, hiking and going to the gym.

My favourite part about working at Kintec is having the opportunity to help people with their injuries and allow them to stay active and on their feet.



Outside of work, I like to do weight training and go on scenic hikes with my girlfriend.

At Kintec, I enjoy working as a team to help people live an active life, free of foot pain.



In my spare time, you can find me playing competitive men’s baseball, hiking, mountain biking, and skiing.

My favourite part about working at Kintec is being able to educate others and to ensure that the best service is given to keep them healthy, happy, and active.


I’m a foodie, so when I’m not working you can find me trying out new restaurants or making my own creations at home.

My favourite part about working at Kintec is helping people meet their fitness goals.


I am a 4th year student studying at UBC and will be graduating in May 2017 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and a minor in Psychology.

My favourite part about working at Kintec is being able to help people of all ages and fitness backgrounds in getting them back on their feet and exercising again.


Outside of work, I like to dance and compete from time to time.

I’m excited to work for Kintec because it involves two of my biggest passions in life; staying fit and helping others!


B.Kin, C.Ped. (C)

I spend most of my time outside of work enjoying the outdoors hiking or walking the seawall with my puppy Porter.

Whether a patient is suffering from pain and looking for symptom relief, or just looking to be more comfortable doing the exercise they love, I am happy to help them achieve their goals.


Outside of Kintec, you can find me at the gym working out or on a field playing soccer.

I am excited for the opportunities to help people find the ideal footwear that allows them to be active and healthy.


I have a passion for sports and anything that gets me active. Outside of this, I enjoy playing the drums, fishing on the lake, and playing with my dog.

As an athlete whose experienced injuries, I love seeing the excitement athletes and enthusiasts get when they are able to play and compete again after an injury. I’m excited to help people overcome injuries and obstacles so that they can reach their full fitness potential.


Outside of Kintec, I enjoy recreational volleyball and running.

I am excited to work at Kintec because I will be able to utilize my educational background and my experience in customer service within a work setting, where I can help people stay healthy and fit.




I enjoy organizing spaces, yoga, hiking, and running. I’ve completed 2 half marathons and hope to run more soon!

I love meeting new people, educating them about their foot mechanics, and helping them find the right products to make life more enjoyable.


B.Kin, C. Ped (C)

I enjoy a variety of sports and activities including baseball, camping, and hiking. I’m also a huge Canucks fan!

My favourite part about working at Kintec is working with such great people, and seeing the difference I have made in a patient’s life.


I’m a 3rd year Bachelor of Science student at SFU, majoring in Biomedical Physiology.

I enjoying hiking, walking my dog, reading and exploring new places.

My favourite part about working at Kintec is finding solutions for people’s pain and discomfort. I love seeing the joy on their face when they find what works for them.


I have a Diploma in Massage Therapy from West Coast College of Massage Therapy.

At Kintec,  I am excited to learn a new way to help people feel and perform better during their activities of daily living.

Outside of work, I play guitar, write screenplays, and work on feature films with varying roles. I also love to hike, hit the gym, snowboard, and long board!



In my spare time, I enjoy basketball, weight-training, skiing, and hiking.

My favourite part about working at Kintec is helping others be active and providing the tools to help people achieve their needs and goals



I like snowboarding, yoga, and walks with my dogs. I have recently started running and plan on joining our Kintec Run Clinics.

At Kintec, I enjoy getting to know my customers and finding solutions that work towards happier feet.

White Rock


B.Kin, C. Ped (C)

I’m happy to be partnering up with Kintec to offer our patients enhanced foot care services, as well as footwear.

This will benefit White Rock residents, as well as my family, and I am delighted to be working with Kintec again.




My activities/interests include weight training, running, sewing, baking, and reading a good book.

I love being surrounded by my positive and helpful co-workers. I appreciate being a part of a company which is making a positive difference in people’s lives.


B. Kin

I am a track and field athlete competing in the 800m and 400m. I also like hiking, surfing, and rock climbing.

At Kintec, I want to learn more about aspects in the human kinetics field, and I want to help others prevent or reduce an injury or pain, because I know how hard it can be to not be feeling 100%.





Some of my activities includes running, basketball, and weight training. When I’m not at Kintec you can find me

At Kintec, I love how our fitting process allows me to interact with people to listen, share information, and select the right products for them.



The amazing part about working at Kintec is that I still get to flex my medical muscles and help patients feel better the moment they come through our doors.

In my spare time, I enjoy getting an adrenaline rush through aqua sports and outdoor activities. 



I like snowboarding, yoga, and walks with my dogs. I have recently started running and plan on joining our Kintec Run Clinics.

At Kintec, I enjoy getting to know my customers and finding solutions that work towards happier feet.


B.Sc (Kin)

I enjoy travelling, dancing, walking my dog along the beach, and spending time with friends and family.

At Kintec, I love having the opportunity to help people overcome obstacles, making their activities and daily living more comfortable.


I am finishing up with my biology degree while working full time at Kintec.

In my spare time I love to spend time with family, bake, and be active and on my feet. More recently I have developed a love for hiking – both day hiking and backcountry overnight trips.

My favourite part about working at Kintec as a fitting expert is taking the time to learn about each customer and finding the right solutions to make their daily life more comfortable. I am satisfied knowing they are educated and equipped for a smoother recovery.


I am currently completing my Bachelor of Kinesiology at UBC with a minor in Psychology.

I enjoy being a fitting expert because it allows me to utilize my knowledge in human kinetics and nutrition and apply it with each individual’s treatment plan. 

In my spare time, I train seniors at a nursing home that I volunteer at weekly. I also like to walk my 2 dogs, travel, and hike!


I’m currently a student at the University of The Fraser Valley finishing my Bachelor of Kinesiology degree.

I enjoy being a fitting expert because I get a chance to create a personal custom treatment package for each individual, so that they can continue doing their regular daily activities.

When I am not working at Kintec, I work at my family berry farm. I also like playing soccer and going for long hikes.


I am currently completing my Bachelor of Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University

Outside of Kintec, I enjoy hiking local trails, biking, and spend time with my family and friends.

I am excited to work at Kintec because I get to interact with new people every day. I will be able to use my acquired knowledge to help address customer concerns and assist them with meeting their lifestyle goals.

North Vancouver



My main passions are skiing, mountain biking, and hiking. Living in North Vancouver is a dream!

I like making a difference in people’s everyday life whether it’s walking across a room in comfort or aiding someone running for the first time.



B.HKin, C. Ped (C)

My current passion is long-distance running. I have raced all over the world; Sweden, Poland, Wales and the Grand Canyon!

I enjoy empowering my patients to take their health into their own hands by educating them about their biomechanics and medical concerns.



I have been running most of my life and have participated in marathons around the world. My favourite was the marathon on the Great Wall of China.

At Kintec, I like having the opportunity to help people solve problems or issues they have.


CSIA Certified Instructor

As a CSIA certified instructor, I taught at Mount Cypress and Mount Baker. I also fit ski boots and skiing orthotics.

I love helping people with their foot problems and I get a real buzz out of seeing someone’s comfort improve.



Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, kayaking and running. My goal is to complete a full marathon one day!

I love getting people back onto their feet by helping them understand their biomechanics and the reasoning behind their treatment plans.


You can find me running on the seawall, playing soccer at your local park, or smashing shuttles on the badminton court! Not to mention some hiking and dancing when I can find the time!

At Kintec, I enjoy coming up with practical, best-practice solutions and advice for our customers’ foot concerns, and getting people of all ages back on their feet!



Outside of work, I like to explore the city and take part in sports such as baseball. I also like to do art, and learn and play as many instruments as I can.

I’m excited to use the knowledge I gained through university and apply it to help people resolve their aches and pains. I enjoy meeting new people everyday and having to solve each individual issue, simple or complicated, that comes my way to help increase people’s quality of life.

Maple Ridge



B.Kin, C. Ped (C)

Outside of work, I participate in a number of activities including soccer, softball, golf and tennis.

I enjoy educating customers on what features to look for in a shoe and how it affects their mechanics.




I am an avid trail runner and racer, a Tough Mudder, and also do Pilates, Spin Classes, and Bootcamp.

The best part of my job is when a customer comes to me in pain and I am able to help them by finding the right shoes and support for them.



BSc., C.Ped (C)

In my spare time I enjoy playing sports, and being outside in general. Soccer, golf, and tennis are among my favourites.

I enjoy having multiple resources at my disposal to take an integrated approach to people’s recovery, prevention, and performance needs.



B.Sc (Kin), C. Ped (C)

I enjoy doing hot yoga, kayaking, hiking, skiing, running, and generally just playing outside!

The best part of my day is helping people understand why they are having pain and how they can increase functionality and minimize discomfort.


Diploma in Medical Office Administration

I enjoy spending time with my son Cam, lifting weights, running, hiking, rollerblading, snowboarding and walking my beagles.

I love being able to directly affect people’s lives by helping them heal from injuries, return to their favourite sport, or simply buy comfortable shoes!



B.Kin, C. Ped (C)

Outside of work, I participate in a number of activities including soccer, softball, golf and tennis.

I enjoy educating customers on what features to look for in a shoe and how it affects their mechanics.



I spend most of my time studying, however I make sure I remain active by running and hiking. I also like to spend time on Sundays with friends and family cheering on the Seattle Seahawks!

At Kintec, my passion is to help others live their daily lives pain free by providing education on bracing and other treatment options. I enjoy performing biomechanical assessments and educating them about their gait.




B.HKin, C. Ped (C)

I like hiking and snowboarding, and I am always open to trying new things depending on the season!

I like being able to help a variety of people by providing them with the education and tools they need to help themselves stay active.

Port Moody


B.Kin, C. Ped (C)

Running is my main passion, especially on trails. I am a run leader and participate in all of our Kintec Run Clinics.

I’m motivated each day by fitting people with the ideal footwear and orthotics to suit their lifestyle, activities, and biomechanical needs.


I have a passion for sports, especially soccer, and I currently play on a woman’s premier team.

My favourite part about working as a Kintec Fitting Expert is creating genuine connections with customers and constructing effective treatment plans so people are able to get back to a healthy lifestyle as soon as possible.



BPK Major

I enjoy cultural dancing! I also love to play tennis, play badminton, run, swim, and chase after my kitten “Mischa”.

I want to be informative to every customer I meet and I hope to have the opportunity to improve health and well being in my community.



B.Sc (Kin)

I love to powerlift, run, play basketball, and learn about fitness and nutrition.

At Kintec, I like having the opportunity to work with athletes, coaches, and clients from every sport, industry, and profession.


B.Sc (Kin)

On my days off, I play competitively in the MWSL, and I enjoy running and hiking to stay active.

At Kintec, I enjoy helping people overcome physical obstacles and educating others about health and fitness in general for a better life.


Outside of Kintec, I enjoy soccer, weightlifting, and hiking.

I love being able to help others and I look forward to being able to provide people with the tools they need to live a healthy and active life.


B.Sc (Kin), C. Ped (C)

Outside of work, my main activities include soccer, snowboarding, and hiking.

I enjoy giving people the tools they need to stay active on their feet, whether it be injury prevention or recovery


Bio coming soon!