Our Mission

Keeping people active, on their feet, for life

Kintec is changing the way people think and feel about their feet. We understand how foot pain, discomfort and injury can have a big impact on your life. It’s why we’re so passionate about helping our customers feel better so they can move better and go further than they ever thought possible.

The opportunity to positively impact our customers’ lives pushes us to be leaders in our industry! From the artificial-intelligence in our Fit System™ to state-of-the-art orthotic manufacturing techniques and curated premium footwear inventory – Kintec continues to define the benchmark for foot care in Canada. Our team brings together over 150 years of clinical expertise, the best in scientific research and leading edge technology. This is the foundation that enables us to provide a personalized and WOW experience to our customers every day! Plus, we have thousands of five-star Google reviews to prove it!

Kintec in the Community

We aren’t your ordinary shoe store

We’re uniquely placed in the industry by leveraging our expertise in orthotics & bracing with one of the largest specialty footwear inventories in Canada.


Our custom orthotics are specifically designed to suit not only your medical needs but also your lifestyle and activities. Designed by our R&D team and precision crafted by experienced technicians in our local lab.


We specialize in custom and off-the-shelf bracing solutions to help with the treatment and recovery of many common injuries – from knee osteoarthritis to lower back pain.


Your shoes have to look and feel great, but they also need to perform optimally for your unique mechanics in your desired activities. That’s why Kintec developed the Fit System™ that dials in fit, function and feel to help you find the perfect fit.

Experience the Perfect Fit

We’ve developed and refined our Fit System™ over the last 30 years to help more than half a million customers find the perfect fit. Our selection of performance footwear is hand-picked by product experts based on characteristics like support, cushioning, width, and depth. Expect to find the perfect pair match your needs.


When it comes to the right footwear, fit is the most important component. Our touchless 3D FitScan™ Technology captures thousands of data-points of your unique feet. Using an artificial intelligence system, it matches individuals’ footwear preferences from a worldwide database with your specific foot shape.


There are a lot of technical components that go into every orthotic, shoe or brace. These functional elements play an important role in how the product performs, to either aid performance or reduce pain. Together we will guide you through which elements apply to your needs.


Most importantly, we want you to feel the comfort and benefit of your perfect fit. Test your orthotics, footwear or brace in-store and leave with the confidence to move better and go further than you ever thought possible.

Experience the Kintec Difference


Our One2One program is more than just safety – it’s an experience. Avoid waiting in line and reserve your personal Kintec Expert and be guided through your personalized journey.

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Latest Technology

We use the latest tools and advanced technology to enhance our customer journey. From innovative foot scanning tools and custom orthotic designs, to Canada’s largest clinical orthotic outcome database – technology adds value to our team and unique insights to our customers.


We’re proud of our industry-leading evidence-based approach to care. Our ongoing study of over 50,000 pedorthic patients reports that 86% of our custom orthotic patients report improvement. Our research helps set industry standards for all Pedorthics across Canada.

Trusted Experts

They say an organization is only as good as its people, and we agree! There is nothing more rewarding for our team of trusted experts than to help you feel better and move better.

Since 1991, we have helped more than half a million customers find the perfect fit. We love staying active and helping you do the same. Our team’s diverse expertise includes research and development; pedorthics; kinesiology; footwear; fitting; bracing; and custom orthotic design and manufacturing.

The People that Built this Vision

Michael Ryan
Head of Product and Innovation

Mitch Dodd
Chief Operating Officer

Mark McColman
Founder & CEO

Peter Morcom
Head of National Store Operations

Minoli Anthony
Head of Finance