Yes, You Can Still Wear Sandals with Heel Pain

Yes, You Can Still Wear Sandals with Heel Pain

Do you wake up each morning dreading that first step out of bed because of that sharp pain in your heel? If you’ve been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, you’re likely all too familiar with this persistent ache. And now that spring is here and summer is near, you might be wondering: what can I wear on my feet in this warmer weather that won’t cause heel pain?  Are flip-flops and sandals even an option?

You might already know that flip-flops are often considered a no-go for people with plantar fasciitis. Why? Well, most flip-flops lack proper arch support, which will exacerbate your symptoms. And unfortunately, they rarely accommodate custom orthotics that provide the support your feet need in shoes that don’t already have it.

However, there are some summer footwear options that may fit the bill for people with heel pain, and we also carry a range of other supportive sandal styles that can offer you both comfort and relief. So yes, you can go ahead and enjoy those sunny days in open-toed shoes without compromising on comfort or support. Here’s what to look for.


4 Things to Look for in Sandals

As with any piece of footwear, it’s important to take into consideration not just your activities, but also your foot structure when you’re out sandal shopping. If you’ve got plantar fasciitis or heel pain, one or more of the following can be good to look for in sandals.


  1. Supportive Arches

When a shoe is properly fitted to the arch of your foot, it supports and improves the alignment of your entire body, not just the natural curvature of your feet. This support helps alleviate stress on the plantar fascia in your feet and aids in the recovery from plantar fasciitis.


  1. Deep Heel Cup

Imagine a deep heel cup as a container that holds your heel in place and supports it from all sides. It not only keeps your heel stable within the shoe, but also provides extra cushioning for your heel. For those with plantar fasciitis, this stability and cushioning are crucial.


  1. Removable Footbed

If you wear custom orthotics, look for sandals with a removable footbed that allows you to add your orthotics. This will make the sandals more comfortable, because they’re customized to your feet. Additionally, customized top covers can be added to your orthotics that match the material of the sandals, making for a cohesive look and a comfortable fit to provide relief for plantar fasciitis symptoms.


  1. Adjustable Closures

Adjustable closures allow you to accommodate the unique shape and dimensions of your feet. This gets rid of pressure points and makes for a better overall fit, meaning your feet stay comfier in your sandals for longer.


Looking for Sandals? We Can Help!

At Kintec, we understand how foot pain can affect your daily life, and our Fit Experts are passionate about finding the right pair of shoes to support your comfort and recovery. Drop by to take a look at our wide range of supportive sandals, or book a 30-minute footwear appointment to learn even more about your feet


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