Western States Endurance Run Course Record – A Recipe

Western States Endurance Run Course Record – A Recipe

Western States Endurance Run Course Record

A Recipe

By Team Ellie

This recipe makes a 16:47:19 finish time at the Western States Endurance Run


1 Superstar – Ellie Greenwood

1 Grand Task Master – Ryne Melcher

1 Assistant Grand Task Master – Kristin Ohm-Pedersen

1 Running Stupid Therapist – Ken Michal

1 Running Pal/Chef/Voice of Rationality – Ran Katzman

1 Running Pal/Confidante/Voice of Irrationality – Mike Palichuk

1 World of Online Emotion (led by MOPS)

1 Great Group of Sponsors (led by Mountain Hardwear & Montrail)

1 Vancouver Running Community

3 Running Clubs (Vancouver Falcons & Pacific Road Runners & Club Fatass)

1 Alberta Running Community

1 World Class Event (Western States Endurance Run)


Cut course into 10 pieces for the crew to access Ellie.  Divide the group of pieces in half.  Analyze each section and anticipate Ellie’s progress, needs and wants.  Ryne, Kristin, and Mike to tend to one half.  Ken and Ran to tend to the other half. In the Western States trail, chill Ellie at first then progressively heat her over medium heat.  Do NOT turn the heat too high.  Hydrate and feed Ellie well on both sides of the canyons. After 60.6 miles have Kristin meet Ellie at Bath Road and transfer her to Ryne at Foresthill (Mile 62). Take Ellie aside to feed her, apply sunblock, praise her and encourage her. In same Western States course, brown Ryne along with Ellie for 17.8 miles.  Ryne to cheer, humour and provide years of ultrarunning wisdom to Ellie.  At the near side of the river, Ryne and Ellie meet Ken and Ran for encouragement and support.  At the far side of the river Ryne and Ellie to meet Kristin for even more encouragement and support.  At Green Gate (Mile 79.8) transfer Ellie to Mike to emulate a typical weekend training run.  Mike to further encourage Ellie by informing her of the big picture of the race thus far and to inform her of the distances yet to be run.  Mike to assess Ellie’s emotional and physical needs and to encourage/motivate her as much as possible.  Add the remaining miles of the race, the world of online emotion (dominated by Ellie’s Mum and Pops in Scotland), the hopes and fears of the Vancouver and Alberta running communities, the buckets of Ellie’s blood, sweat, laughter and tears shed through training both on her own (sometimes with friends and acquaintances) and within the structures of the Vancouver Falcons Athletic Club, the Pacific Road Runners, and Club Fatass.  As soon as possible after Robie Point (Mile 98.9) Ran and Ken to meet Ellie and Mike to run the final distance into the stadium.  At this point, Ellie may be permitted to look at her watch and elatedly shout, “I am going to get this course record!”  Once on the track, Ellie to sprint to her hard-fought place in history.  After crossing the finish line and receiving an acknowledgement from Greg Soderlund, the esteemed Western States Endurance Run Race Director Ellie to gather with Ryne, Kristin, Ken, Ran, and Mike for one big hug.

Set aside the Western States Endurance Run course record and smile.

  • Ellie G

    July 13, 2012 at 6:56 pm Reply

    Love it. Thank you Mike and all my wonderful crew and pacers who included 2 Kintec employees and 1 Kintec running team member/ clinic leader! But – i do recall you trying to turn the heat up a little too high with about 10 miles to go and the pot almost boiling over, luckily you caught your error just in time and avoiding burning the recipe!

    • Mikey P

      July 17, 2012 at 4:16 am Reply

      A good cook knows how high to turn the heat Ellie G.

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