Which Waterproof Shoes Are Right For Me?

Which Waterproof Shoes Are Right For Me?

Winter is around the corner. When braving the cold, wet weather, wearing the right shoes is crucial. Of course, you want to find the right waterproof shoes for walking. But did you know that there are a wide variety of waterproof and water resistant styles to choose from?

Don't let rain get in the way of getting outside this fall. Find waterproof shoes for walking, running, and more.

No one wants to find out their shoes aren’t right for their needs when it’s too late. Wearing shoes that let water in will leave you with cold, aching feet after a run in the rain.

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Waterproof Shoes For Walking & More

So how do you know which waterproof shoes are going to fit your lifestyle?

Multiple-Layer Waterproofing

Brooks Running Ghost 11 GTX
Brooks Ghost 11 GTX

Traditional waterproofing, like Gore-Tex, is a separate layer stitched inside the shoe that prevents liquid from entering the shoe.

While water isn’t allowed in, water vapour or perspiration can easily leave the shoe.

This one-way system allows you to stay dry and cool down. However, this type of waterproofing may make the shoe stiffer.

So, if you have wider feet, you may find it binds the front of the shoe and feels constricting.

Single-Layer Waterproofing

Columbia Caldorado III
Columbia Montrail Caldorado III OutDry Extreme

Manufacturers may add semi-permeable membrane treatments, such as OutDry, to the mesh on the inside of the shoe to make it waterproof. Styles such as these are ideal waterproof shoes for walking on trail, or even around the neighbourhood.

Because it’s only a single layer, it is more breathable and will allow more sweat to leave the shoe.

It is also more flexible and may be a more ideal fit if you have wide feet.

Water Resistance

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 25 Shield
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Shield

Water-resistant shoes are similar to the OutDry treatment for the mesh. However, instead of a closed, semi-permeable membrane, water-resistant shoes aren’t 100% leak-proof.

If you run or walk quickly, this won’t be a problem. But keeping water-resistant shoes underwater will allow water in, unlike shoes with Gore-Tex or OutDry.

This type of shoe is also more breathable and more ideal for warmer weather.

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Casual Waterproof Styles

Finally, casual, waterproof shoes for walking shoes are ideal if you’re looking for work shoes that will keep your feet dry during your commute.

These styles have completely sealed seams, and are treated with a waterproofing system to keep them dry.

Similar to the styles mentioned above, the waterproofing treatment causes these styles to retain a bit more heat than other shoes.

This may be ideal for cold weather, but might be too hot during the summer.

To be sure you’re shopping for waterproof shoes for walking, look for tags or stamps on casual styles to ensure they are certified waterproof by the manufacturer.

If you don’t see a tag or stamp, ask a team member how that shoe handles water.

Talk To A Fitting Expert About Wet Weather Styles

We carry a large selection of men’s, and women’s, waterproof and water-resistant styles. Learn more about which shoes would fit best for you; ask a Fitting Expert at a Kintec near you today!

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