Top 5 Trail Runners for Spring 2015

Top 5 Trail Runners for Spring 2015

Spring is almost here and I can hardly wait to hit the trails with some of Kintec’s new 2015 trail shoes! I’ve have picked our favourite and most anticipated shoes for Spring ’15. Featuring some updates old favourites and some brand new additions to Kintec.

New Balance Leadville 1210v2

This one holds a special place in my heart for several reasons. It was the shoe that I ran Pine to Palm 100 back in 2013. This is a wider fitting trail shoe with a solid rock plate and a rugged outsole to tackle technical trials. It is a great shoe for both serious long distance runners and recreational runners alike.

ASICS Fuji Trabuco 3

The Fuji Trabuco 3 is relatively new to Kintec and it is by all means a force to be recon with! A certified trail monster the Fuji Trabuco 3 has an outrageously rugged outsole to conquer any terrain. Suitable for extended runs on the most aggressive trails the Fuji Trabuco has an extremely stable base to keep your ankles protected on varied terrain. As a  final touch, a lace pocket keeps your laces from snagging on any trail debris. I especially look forward to trying out the GTX model for those wet spring runs.

Altra The Lone Peak 2

I have definitely enjoyed the comfort and connection to the trails that the Lone Peak 1.5 offered for my shorter trail runs. I suspect that the Lone Peak 2 will be even better! This shoe is for those minimalist runners looking for an zero-drop shoe with an ergonomic fit. The wider toe box allows your toes to relax and spread out naturally for more comfort and stability in uphill and downhill trail conditions. Altra’s StoneGuard™ technology offers a layer of protection from rocks and other trail debris.

Mizuno Kazan

Right off the bat, I love the topographical design on the Mizuno Kazan, which perfectly coincides the imagery it conjures: as swift as wind, as silent as forest, as fierce as fire, as unshakeable as mountain. So goes the Samurai battle standard “Furinkazan” for which Mizuno’s latest offering is named. Replacing the popular Ascend series, the Kazan maintains go-anywhere runability that will take you across windy plains, through lush old growth forests, and even up volcanoes.

Brooks Puregrit 3

Last but not least is the Puregrit 3, Brooks a minimalist trail runner part of the PureProject line. For myself, I love this shoe exceptionally cushioned feel while maintaining ground contact and traction. Designed to meet the needs of serious trail runners, this shoe ensures that nothing comes between you and the trail. With a concave shape for maximum toe splay and a Nav-band, this shoe wraps to your foot and gives you a flexible, cushioned, and responsive ride.


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