Timex watches now at Kintec!

Timex watches now at Kintec!

In my last blog post, I talked about Sundogs Eyewear as being one of the latest brand  names that Kintec has brought in to compliment our footwear and orthotics.

Next on the list is Timex.  If you haven’t heard of Timex yet I’m going to assume you just moved out of a cave, and this is the first article you have read on the inter-web!  Editors Note: We apologize if you did actually just move out of a cave and this is the first web page you’ve visited.

Timex makes a wide range of great products for your weekend warrior right up to your world class tri-athlete. Kintec now carries Timex watches that will run a dual digital timer for those doing intervals or run/walk programs.

Our Timex Heart Rate Monitors have pulse, target zones and calorie counters. For those keen on knowing how far they’ve gone and what their pace is we also have the Bodylink which has a GPS built into it along with the Heart Rate functions.

Aesthetics are one of the things that Timex excels at. Sleek versions of the watches for women’s wrists allow you to avoid feeling like you are wearing a spaceship wearing on your wrist! All watches also have backlighting for night time running as well as regular watch functions like time of day, alarms and stopwatch.

Swing on by to your nearest Kintec to check out these fine products in person.

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