The Right Orthotics for Your Shoes

The Right Orthotics for Your Shoes

When it comes to custom orthotics, unfortunately, there is no universal design to fit every type of footwear. For example, when comparing athletic footwear and casual footwear, the dimensions differ in width, volume, and fit.


At Kintec, we have various orthotic designs and materials to accommodate these different shoe profiles to give you the best support. We also take into account sport-specific footwear, such as soccer cleats and hockey skates.

Sport-specific custom orthotics are usually designed with different materials and have certain features which accentuate performance during activity.

Everyday Orthotics


Walking/Running Shoes

These shoes tend to have deeper volume, removable liners, and adjustable uppers to accommodate the orthotics.

  • Full-length custom orthotics with more cushioning,
  • Wider width & deeper heel cup
  • Most supportive design

Dress Shoes

These go into footwear such as slip-ons, dress shoes, and boots, with a level heel.

  • Slim orthotic design with a thin liner
  • For footwear without much volume or removable liners


These have a very specific design just for heels and will not fit into flat shoes after being bent.

  • Cobra profile which allows for bending to fit the angle of the shoe
  • Will only fit heels from 0.5” – 1.5”
  • Is placed on top of the existing liner of the shoes

Note: The Dress and Heel designs are made with the slimmest material we have that can still provide support.
If the shoe does not have enough volume to accommodate the orthotic, that
shoe is unsuitable.

Specialized Sport Orthotics



Soccer, baseball and other cleats are fairly narrow and tight-fitting.

  • Slim carbon-fibre hourglass shell made for quick rebound
  • Thin full-length top cover prevents slipping & provides friction


For use playing sports such as tennis, badminton, and squash.

  • Lightweight design with low heel to keep the foot low for stability
  • Increased cushioning for impact
  • Foam cover with friction to prevent sliding


This features lateral stability walls with specific toe rotation points.

  • Slim design for fit into narrow waisted golf shoes
  • Moisture wicking top cover

Talk To An Expert!

It is always best to bring your orthotics shopping with you when you are purchasing shoes.

Drop by your nearest Kintec location to see the various styles of orthotics we can make for you!

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