Your Sport Movement Print

Your Sport Movement Print

Like a fingerprint, every athlete has their own unique and identifiable style.

Many athletes, in search of optimal performance, try to modify and change their style to some ideal. While there are great benefits in this, many athletes take it too far and lose trust in their own style, or if engaging in a new sport, don’t develop any at all.

A simple example is those athletes that started young. Without any adult head games to get in the way, they learned naturally and thus a style was developed. Any adult mountain biker I know that grew up racing BMX shows confidence while in the air and beautiful efficiency while pedalling. Learning as adults we resort to the idea before discovering what naturally feels good and works for us, so we end up looking awkward, which, I might add, can lead to injury.

However, any good athlete is amazing at finding go-arounds (the most efficient and effective way to get a certain result no matter what the consequence). This is part of their unique style too. Short term this is beneficial, but long term can be physically detrimental.

A balance needs to be struck. Work with movement specialists to discover and practice sustainable movement patterns but be sure to blend this with your bodies natural style.

Data such as heart rate and training programs are in the ideal category. Use this, but not instead of the intimate signals your body is transmitting to your mind and emotions.

In conclusion, the development of your own unique movement print needs to include natural experience and adult ideas for optimal performance. In other words, our adult measurable world needs to include the carefree approach that children have with sports.

Ryan Leech is Pro Mountain Biker sponsored by Shimano, Norco Bicycles, Nutcase Helmets, Ryders Eyewear, and Marzocchi. He has performed thousands of bicycle stunt shows around the world including Cirque du Soleil, and been featured in dozens of mountain bike films. He credits a dedicated yoga practice for a thriving and sustainable career as a pro-athlete, and began teaching to share these benefits. As an avid explorer of human potential, he earned his certification as an Integral Master Coach™, and now works privately with professionals and athletes navigating transition and change.

In his latest project, the 30 Day Wheelie Challenge, Ryan is including both these methods so students can learn how to wheelie with trust, confidence, and style.

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