Skechers GoRun 3 Review

Skechers GoRun 3 Review

The Skechers GoRun 3 is a great shoe for those who want a different feel when running on the road.

First impressions count and this super lightweight runner was not a disappointment. What makes this shoe so unique is the mid-foot stride technology that allows you to land on your mid-foot during running.

A nice fit in the heel with a generous toe box fit will accommodate those feet that require a bit more toe wiggle room. It accommodates a full-length custom orthotic very well without compensating fit and comfort.

The 4mm heel to toe pitch will take some getting use too and may not be recommended for those with Achilles tendon or calf issues. Once you get used to the heel drop, be prepared go for those quick tempo runs.

Overall, the Go run 3 offers a breathable lightweight running shoe that could be incorporated into different training runs like speed intervals or hills repeats or it can be adapted as your main running shoe. Give it a try.

Ermin Pagtakhan, Kintec Race Team

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