5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Shoes

5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Shoes

Just because your shoes are comfy right now doesn’t mean you should hang onto them despite signs of wear and tear. Your shoes should last between 500 to 800 kilometres of use, which is roughly six months to one year of regular use. However, for people who work on their feet every day, they may not last more than three to four months!


Signs You Need To Replace Your Shoes

Unfortunately, it might be time to part ways with your sneakers. Here’s how to know it’s time for a new pair of shoes.

1. You have a hole in your shoe

This one seems obvious, but it needs to be stated. The hole could be in the upper mesh or the side of the shoe, and no one wants to see your toes. Sure, breathability is an important feature for footwear – but a shoe with a hole is no longer useful.

2. The soles are worn out

When was the last time you looked at the bottom of your shoe? Maybe it was to check if you stepped in something gross. But probably not too recently.

You should periodically look at the soles and check for excessive wear around the outside of the heel area because this will reveal just how your shoes are truly holding up.

This doesn’t always reflect how the top side of your shoes looks; normally they are still stylin’ enough to go party. But at the end of the day, you have to listen to your sole.

3. Previous soreness or pain returns

If you start noticing any old aches and pains that you thought have been cured, the source might be coming from your shoes.

This soreness or discomfort may occur during your workday or during an activity, but often it’s most noticeable afterwards. Replace your footwear and start feeling good again.

4. New development of pain or injury

What does it mean when you suddenly notice a dull ache or sharp pain in your feet and legs? Your body is talking to you but it’s difficult to know what it’s saying. Because we don’t have an interpreter handy we should start from the ground up.

Your shoes and feet are your foundations, and if replacing your shoes doesn’t change it, seek advice from a Canadian Board Certified Pedorthist.

5. It’s been over a year

Shoes are not meant to last forever, and they are also not meant to be recycled down to your gardening shoes.

Even if you have only been using that pair of shoes at least two to three times per week, it is important to still replace them. The cushioning and support in the midsole of the shoe wears down naturally over time even if it doesn’t look like it.

Time for a New Pair of shoes?

When you see the signs you need to replace your shoes, it’s important to invest the time and money into your feet and footwear.

If you have any questions, book a Free One2One appointment with a Fit Expert for footwear advice today!

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