SierraSil Joint Formula: Natural Health Supplement

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SierraSil Joint Formula: Natural Health Supplement

In honour of arthritis awareness month this September, we’d like to discuss the potential benefits of a natural joint health product as a natural alternatives to NSAIDS. A new product that Kintec is carrying at select locations is SierraSil Joint Formula 14™.

The Arthritis Society of Canada estimates the number of Canadian adults (over the age of 15) suffering from arthritis to be 1 in 6 people and the estimated impact of arthritis on the Canadian economy to be about $33 billion this year. Doing all we can to maintain our mobility is imperative, including proper nutrition, maintaining a healthy weight and using quality supplements where appropriate. So what is the SierraSil Joint Formula 14™ difference?

sierrasilWhat is SierraSil Joint Formula?

SierraSil is the trade name for a unique mineral deposit that was geothermally altered about 8-10 million years ago. The deposits are all northeast of Yosemite in the US Sierras and geological experts have noted that the silicate structure cannot be re-created in a lab. SierraSil have extensive safety studies and every batch of product is thoroughly tested, including multiple assays, structure analysis and bio-accessibility testing.

What is SierraSil for?

1) Joint Health:

SierraSil believe it is among the most effective, if not the most effective, natural ingredients for joint health. They have a 14 day results satisfaction guarantee, but most consumers have tangible results within 3 to 10 days (some faster, some longer, extremely few none at all).

2) Sport/Fitness:

SierraSil  have a double blind, placebo controlled pilot study research that suggests “sport significant” benefits including increased peak power and reduced DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). They also have numerous anecdotal stories of elite and non-elite athletes, some just on their way home from Rio!

3) Detox:

SierraSil has evidence that its product pulls heavy metals from the body (which is consistent with expectations based on other studies). People report a wide range of benefits, but the above represents the core.

Who is SierraSil for?

Any adult with aches or stiffness from activity, age and even some health conditions.

Who is SierraSil not for?

SierraSil have not clinically tested its product in children or with pregnant or nursing mothers. It is also not for people on extensive medications as the absorptive properties could chelate critical medications. Thus we recommend taking Sierrasil at least 4 hours away from any medication.

What is the Evidence?

SierraSil has done numerous lab and human clinical studies. The human studies have included 4 placebo controlled trials (3 of them cross-over) and other studies.  They believe in first hand clinical research to ensure product consistency from batch to batch and consistency with material (and dosing) used in the clinical studies.

The Mechanism of Action as determined from peer reviewed, published research shows benefits for inflammation calming and reduced cartilage breakdown. The human clinical studies have even earned SierraSil a US Patent as a nutritional supplement for the treatment of OA. For more on the research please visit the SierraSil website.

SierraSil is among the most consistently and fastest acting natural joint health supplement ingredients available. The multiple benefits, including inflammation calming, but also, possibly uniquely among joint health ingredients – the detox benefits is to thank for the results.

SierraSil is also suitable for any dietary type. It’s vegetarian/vegan friendly, non-GMO, celiac friendly and even Kosher certified. For more information on SierraSil, please watch this video to learn more. SierraSil is available at select Kintec locations. If you think SierraSil is right for you, please contact your local Kintec store.




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