Seek the Peak Relay–Team Kintec

Seek the Peak Relay–Team Kintec

This Father’s day was not only fun filled with family events but it was the day for Seek the Peak Relay trail race. I for one have not heard of this race until we at Kintec were asked to form a corporate team for it. Basically, it is a challenging 16km race with 4 separate legs starting from the beach at Ambleside Park in West Vancouver, winds its way through North Vancouver, then heads up the legendary Grouse Grind® to the Peak of Vancouver. It is also a race that brings awareness to breast cancer.

I haven’t done too much running since BMO Marathon early in May, mostly due to recovery from that race and dealing with some injuries, but I felt that I would be ok for my section of the relay–which was a 6km trail from the end of Keith Rd. to the base of Grouse mountain.  It was definitely a lot harder than I expected and my right knee pain started to kick in about 3km into it. I knew this race would be a team effort by all of us, so I powered through the discomfort and finished my section strong.

I met up with Matt at the base of Grouse (who had a very quick start on the first leg of the race to get us started) and we took the tram up to meet up with our other teammates. Now,  we either took our time getting up or Jon (doing the grouse grind section) was super speedy because by the time we got to the 3rd checkpoint he was done and Jason had already started.

It was great to see Jon and Matt help out at checkpoint #3 by filling up cups with water and Powerade. I made my way to the finish line to meet Jason but he actually met me on the way there because he finished the last section in blazing time.

Great day overall. The weather was typical Vancouver weather but I’m not complaining. Fun times with the team and we also meet up with other Kintec racers who were doing the race in the solo category.

Special thanks to Columbia Sportswear company and Kintec for all their support for this race. Definitely would do this race again and I suggest it for anyone who wants a challenging and rewarding day.

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