Running with Purpose

Running with Purpose

There are many reasons why I enjoy running – being outside, spending time with friends, exploring new places… just to name a few. With that said, for much of my running career, I would go out to run, just to run. I would run a variety of different distances, but all at a very similar pace and effort level.

As the years progressed, my running didn’t. Compared to many of my peers, my results were not improving.  I was stuck in a rut. I decided to in for a V02 Max and Lactic Threshold Test with Peak Centre for Human Performance. My results were no surprise, massive zone one but an almost pathetic Heart Rate zone 3, 4, 5. What does that mean? I never pushed myself beyond my comfort zone. I could go on forever within a certain slow pace within zone 1, but as soon as I started to push it a little harder, my legs would be flooded with lactic acid and my performance would start to diminish substantially.

I quickly realized the importance of varying your work outs as a runner. I was soon on a stricter running regime. My new mantra – run with purpose.

Each and every run now has a purpose:

  • Recovery run to flush out the legs
  • Track workout to build speed
  • Hill workout to build strength
  • Long run to build endurance

After a few months, I decided to test myself and see if there were any improvements from my new approach to training. I signed up for the Scotia Half. I had run the Scotia Half a few years ago, so I would have a time for comparison.  My previous time was 1:35 and change which I had achieved during a time when I was much faster.

I wasn’t feeling fantastic going into the race, my taper was only a week and I was dealing with a bit of a tight hamstring. Never the less, I was going to push hard or blow up trying. I started the race a bit faster than initially planned and slowed down a little as the race progressed. When I reached the finish line, I was exhausted, out of breath, and felt like I was going to throw up. But, I was happy. I ran my race in 1:32:32. The fastest Half Marathon I had ever run!

Since then, I have continued to run with purpose. I am currently working with a running coach to help me stick to a productive training plan. I feel stronger than ever before. My next race is Whistler 50 in October, where I am really going to put myself to the test.

Meredith Cale
Kintec Race Team

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