Robert Esmie’s new Custom Orthotics

Robert Esmie’s new Custom Orthotics

Our Kintec Surrey Manager and resident Gold medalist Olympian, Robert Esmie, shows off his brand new custom orthotics!

Not only does it keep with his Jamaican heritage with the same Black, Green, Yellow of the Jamaican flag, but each coloured section is made out of specialized materials with unique properties!

Robert’s performance orthotics are constructed from lightweight, responsive graphite shells made from custom foot impressions of his feet. These high response shells not only correct and support his feet and alignment, but enhance his performance as well.

Located at the heel of the orthotic, the Yellow poron material has ultra-slow rebound memory foam for heel comfort when standing on his feet all day, or during high levels and a longer duration of activity.

The Green pad located at the forefoot is made up of a higher rebound synthetic rubber to add extra forefoot bounce when running or walking. This creates better energy return with each step, helping to propel Robert forward.

The Black Micropuff top cover finishes off the orthotics, adding a final layer of cushioning and comfort.

Interested in a custom orthotic similar to Robert’s? See all of our activity-based custom foot orthotics types and designs on our website!


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