Pearl Izumi N2 Road

Pearl Izumi N2 Road

It is designed for a neutral foot is it the perfect shoe for daily training on the roads with moderate to higher mileage. I have a high arch and underpronate (also know as supinate) so these shoes are perfect for me as they seem to guide my feet to land in a better position when running.

Smooth – that was my first impression.  A 21k run in Whistler is never easy but it felt a little easier than it normally does – I am convinced the responsiveness of these shoes helped.  Nice comfy fit and always a test for a good shoe if you can run 21k with no rubbing on the first time out.  I have the N1 which is more of racing shoe and I really loved how it seems to help guide me to run more efficiently.

I needed a pair of shoes for longer training runs I decided to try the N2 which is a shoe designed for longer runs with more stability.  It does indeed do as well, if not better than the N1.  It has a “dynamic offset” which assists with a more balanced foot strike.

Not a race shoe but perfect for longer training runs and easy recovery days.  I have now run 80k in these shoes within the first 2 weeks of trying them and would highly recommend them.  The upper is very light and seamless which certainly helps for a comfortable run. My only criticism is the tongue which rolls to the side but this did not actually cause any issues or rubbing.

In summary – a fantastic road training shoe for your higher mileage runs and anything that isn’t speed work.

Janette Purdham
Kintec Race Team

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