What Kind of Osteoarthritis Brace Do I Need?

What Kind of Osteoarthritis Brace Do I Need?

You’ve been diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis,

and need a knee brace.

Now what?

Knee osteoarthritis is a complex and multi-faceted condition. Osteoarthritis can affect different areas of your knee and comes with a wide range of symptoms. This includes pain, swelling around the knee, and instability – or feeling as though the knee may buckle or give out.

A knee osteoarthritis brace can help to provide you with pain relief, a reduction in swelling, and a feeling of support.

There is a wide range of osteoarthritis braces available to suit your needs. We like to categorize these braces based on a spectrum of support.

Smaller osteoarthritis braces, like compression sleeves, will usually feel less supportive, whereas larger braces, like unloader braces, will offer more support and control to your knee.

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