On Running Cloud X Shoe Review

On Running Cloud X Shoe Review


On Running


Cloud X

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Run three times per week


My second half marathon

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Nike Zoom Elite

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Here's our review of the On Running Cloud X - running remixed.

On | The Cloud X – Running Remixed (On Running, Youtube)


This is a lightweight shoe that gives you close contact with the ground, while still giving you some cushioning for impact absorption. The lacing system is snugger around the midfoot and has a standard, squarer toe box. This makes it an excellent shoe for speed running, callisthenics workouts (e.g. Orange Theory, etc), or anything that requires fast footwork.

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I would not recommend it for heavy weight lifting or for those looking for a plush, highly supportive shoe. It is not the most structured shoe and so is better suited for those with a neutral or supinated foot biomechanics (those with an overpronated foot structure will need some sort of arch support to maintain a neutral alignment).

It does fit slightly longer (i.e. I typically wear women’s size 8B, and with On, I wear a 7.5), and might be a bit too snug for those with a wider foot structure.

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Jan Pinon
Clinic Second

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