REVIEW: New ALTRA Running Shoes

REVIEW: New ALTRA Running Shoes

New to Kintec for the Spring 2013 season is a company that is making huge strides in the run market.

Altra Footwear has been taking the the running shoe market south of the border by storm. They are one of the fastest growing shoe companies in North America. Last fall they made there way north of the 49th parallel and into Canada. 4 styles (the Torin, Lone Peak, Instinct for men and Intuition for women) have hit Kintec’s shelves.

The company is responsible for coining the Zero Drop term. While from a perspective of the pitch of the shoe (differential from the heel to toe ratio) some may refer to them as a minimalist shoe, Altra does not take that stance. Altra’s offer a substantial amount of cushioning with as much underneath the shoe as models like the Brooks Glycerin or Asics Nimbus. This still protects the foot but the construction and the drop of the shoe help make runners a little more efficient and enforce good running form. While some may go through a brief transition phase to get used to this shoe without any pitch to it, most will find that it will become a staple shoe in your training routine. The shoe also features a foot-shaped toe box, true to your foot. They are a little roomier than most brands in the forefoot allowing the toes to splay when going through the final phase of the gait cycle.

Drop by your nearest Kintec Footwear + Orthotics shop to try these out and consult a fitting expert on if this shoe is for you!

Men’s and Women’s styles also available at our NEW Webstore.

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  • Nicky Barswell

    April 12, 2013 at 6:27 pm Reply

    I would recommend visiting a running store and having an employee look at your feet to give you a good idea of what category your feet fit in. If you have serious foot complications like extreme pronation, fallen arches, etc I would recommend visiting a foot doctor, as running shoes by themselves might not be enough. You could require orthotics, or even just simple strengthening exercises to get and keep you on your feet.^

    Newest article coming from our own blog page

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