#MyKintecStory – Allison Caston

#MyKintecStory – Allison Caston

My name is Allison! I am 22 years old, and currently a fourth-year Kinesiology student at the University of British Columbia. Additionally, I have a diploma in Sports Science from Douglas College. My co-op advisor brought this Kintec co-op position to my attention; she personally emailed me to encourage me to apply for the position for my first co-op term.

Kintec’s Co-op Program

After reading the job description for a Fitting Expert position with Kintec, applying was a no-brainer. I had spent the last six years working part-time for Old Navy and Victoria’s Secret. So, Kintec seemed like a natural transition for me. It seemed like a great opportunity to use the skills I had developed as a sales associate and combine them with what I had learned so far in my program.

Kintec’s pre-established relationship with UBC’s co-op program made it super easy for me to apply. It was nice to know I was already coming into a position that had been occupied by a co-op student in the past.

What I Gained From My Co-op Terms

It would take far too long for me to list every single skill I gained over my two co-op terms with Kintec! Some of the most useful knowledge I gained was an understanding of different professions inside kinesiology. Kintec’s connection with referring doctors, physiotherapists, and other health care professionals gave me a deeper understanding of the network of professionals that it takes to get people back to their regular selves and living life without pain.

I also saw the role that I could play in helping people reach their health and wellness goals – which was very fulfilling! My co-op position gave me the opportunity to work closely with pedorthists in our clinics. Eventually, I started fitting and adjusting orthotics in my own appointments with patients.

My collaboration with the pedorthists as well as the experiences I gained with third-party patients with claims though WBC, ICBC and MSSH created my interest in public health and the position that I am in today. Since starting my first Kintec co-op work term, I have discovered a career path that excites me! Now, I’ve decided to work towards a Master’s Degree in Public Health. Currently, I’m a Patient Care Coordinator for a very reputable surgical clinic in Vancouver!

Apply now!

I encourage anyone interested in a co-op program to make the Kintec co-op program one of your top considerations! I learned more than I ever imagined, created invaluable professional relationships, and discovered my next education pathway towards my dream career.

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