3 Devices To Help Manage Lower Back Pain

3 Devices To Help Manage Lower Back Pain

Have you ever had lower back pain?

If not, you are among only 20% – or 1 in 5 – of people who haven’t had to experience it.

Lower back pain forces more people out of the workforce than heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, neoplasm, respiratory disease, and asthma combined. It is also the leading cause of years lived with a disability and the sixth highest cause of global overall disease burden.

Researchers speculate that contributing factors include sedentary lifestyles, carrying more weight on our trunk than needed, and not being able to engage stabilizing muscles in the correct way.

The best thing you can do for lower back pain is to incorporating simple – but effective – motions into your daily routine, such as standing and walking. If even simple everyday movements are too painful, or if the pain is not improving noticeably in seven days, we recommend consulting a medical professional.

Foot orthotics, back braces, and trekking poles can help you achieve your daily activity goals if you find it difficult to move as much as you need to.

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