Injury and Pool Running

Injury and Pool Running

Sometimes we have to take a moment to realise just how lucky we are to get out there and run every day (or at least the days we want to).  Mid winter – cold, wet, windy but what I wouldn’t give to be out there running!  Although, I have to confess it is slightly easier to be injured at this time of year than it would be in the spring/summer months.

It’s been 2 months of no running but things are finally getting better and I managed a 25 min run today.  I have a bruised patella due to scooter accident (not even a running related injury). What to do to keep up my fitness?  I’d heard of friends who went pool running when they were injured and thought “I’m never going to do that”.  Well, needs must and after a few weeks of doing nothing and starting to go slightly crazy I decided I’d just have to give it a go. And you know what, it’s not so bad after all – in fact I will confess I have been enjoying it.

How does it work?  Strap on a float device around your waist, find water deep enough that your feet don’t touch the floor (the dive tank in the Aquatic centre is perfect) and basically run. There is some great info out there on the importance of your form so great to check that out if you ever try pool running. Kinda weird at first in that you feel like you are not moving but you are, just very slowly.  Like any kind of workout it can be fairly easy but if you really put the effort in it can be pretty tough.  I’ve been lucky enough to have a friend, Jess, who is also on the Kintec Race Team, who wanted to pool run to maintain her fitness whilst injured too.  I am sure that makes a huge difference and we try to mix it up with some interval training, meeting 3 mornings a week.

Really hoping that when I can run again this will mean I am not starting at a zero base and will come back quickly.  Sun run is 7 weeks away and I’d already entered back in December so ever hopeful I will be back to run the 10k in a respectable time.   Watch this space and meanwhile, make sure you’re enjoying the fact that you can run outside right now and don’t have to “run” round and round a diving tank – for sure your view is better than mine!

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