How to tell when it’s time for new shoes

How to tell when it’s time for new shoes

Many people think shoes are just another piece of clothing. But they do so much more than protect your feet from the ground. Your shoes help your feet and body function during many different activities in many different environments. If you’ve been wondering if it’s time for new shoes, these clues will help you determine that for sure.

It is important that your shoes fit properly and are appropriate for the environment they will be used in – your job, your activities, your daily lifestyle. So, how do you know if yours are working for you?

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Activity Type

Think about how you move during your favourite activities. Do you run on hard, soft or abrasive surfaces? Do you run forward, or move side-to-side during sports or workouts?

All of these questions are important to ask in determining the best shoe for you. Additionally, wearing shoes intended for your activities will allow you to get the most of them and will help avoid injuries.


Wear Patterns

Examining your favourite pair of shoes can tell you a lot about your wear pattern. Do you notice any worn-through parts, while other parts are barely touched? This may mean your feet aren’t distributing your body weight evenly, which can lead to callusing or cause high-pressure areas that are vulnerable to injury.

This wear pattern isn’t limited to just the soles. Creasing in the cushioning of the shoe, or bulging in the upper (the part that covers the top your foot) can also reveal abnormal motion patterns and tell a story about how your feet move.


Sock Liners

In many styles of footwear, you can remove the liner that rests under your foot. You can check the wear and function by looking at this liner.

Any areas with large indents or impressions can show wear and pressure points – just like the bottoms of your shoes. You may also see impressions of your toes; make sure there is room between them and the end of the liner, or else you may be wearing shoes that are too small!

Shoe Age

So, you might be wondering, ‘how long should my shoes last? Unfortunately, there isn’t one easy answer.

Shoes that rely on cushioning to protect from impact (such as running, walking, or hiking styles) will often have a shorter shelf life. A good pair should last between 500 to 800 kilometres of use. If you don’t track your daily mileage, this roughly equates to 6 months – 1 year of regular use. However, for people who work on their feet every day, they may not last more than 3 – 4 months!

Pay attention to how your shoes feel over time, and rotate through more than one pair at a time. This way, your shoe cushioning has more time to recover in between uses.

For stylish shoes that aren’t worn for extensive walking, the fit is a more important benchmark. Our feet change over time; the footwear that fit 5 years ago may not feel so great today! Make sure any structure or support in the shoe doesn’t break down or become too flexible with regular use.

Time for New Shoes?

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