FVMBA Heritage Mountain Bike Race

FVMBA Heritage Mountain Bike Race

On April 20 I participated in the first of 4 Trail Blazer races put on by the FVMBA. The race was held at the little-known trails at Heritage Park on the Fraser River. Kintec has been supporting the FVMBA race series since its inception 3 years ago.

Races this time of year are always hit and miss with trail conditions and weather and leading up to April 21 there was a bit of rain. The resulting trail conditions were wet and muddy. The race started with a sprint up and back on a gravel path and then immediately into a slick single track climb. After some initial congestions things opened up into a fun decent and rolling up and down single track.

The FVMBA puts on a well organized race and the timing is a great motivator to get training early in the year. It was a good warm up to the Suburban Rush this weekend that I am participating in with my wife.

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