First X-Country – warm and sunny!

First X-Country – warm and sunny!

The Whistler Spirit Run on Saturday 24th September is a one-day cross-country and trail running event that takes place at Whistler Olympic Park.   It was great to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Callaghan Valley with the women’s race of 6k  being 2 loops of the 3k route.  The men got to add on an additional 2k for their 8k race.   It was a beautiful sunny day and over 20c which is great for this time of the year.

A mass start with a about 140 runners it’s always really important not to get carried away in the first couple of k’s.  After suffering in the latter stages of races due to too fast starting I think I’ve learnt to get my pacing right (well, most of the time anyways).  A small couple of hills made the 3rd k a tough one but I was feeling okay again after completing the first loop.  I could see my nearest competitor ahead of me but although I was starting to gain some ground after 4k she pulled well ahead after that and I knew it wouldn’t be possible to catch her.  I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not when you do two loops to know whats coming up – those hills again!   However, at least the second time around you know you are close to the finish so they seem a little easier.

I have to confess to being passed by my club mate Kevin, who won the mens race and ran an extra 2k!  But he’s pretty fast so I wasn’t too devastated.  So, 13th overall female and 4th master.  It was a fun race to do and the drive up on the Sea to Sky Highway was beautiful as always.  Gave me an excuse to spend a night in Whistler and enjoy a lovely Sunday morning long run in the Valley Trails.

Thanks to Kintec and New Balance and my VFAC club mates.

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