First step towards fitness in the First Half

First step towards fitness in the First Half

So, for many reasons (mainly injury) I have not managed to compete in this race, apart from 2011, when I was recovering from sickness and had a really tough race.  So, last year as I entered back in October I was determined this was the year I was going to finally run a “good” first half and be one of the many people who love this race.
A week ago it was -6C, and I was thinking: I am so glad the first half is next week.  February racing weather can certainly be unpredictable, so when the forecast was suggesting rain and 6C I was pretty happy. Hey, I’m British and live in Vancouver so I don’t mind, in fact even like, running in the rain. But Saturday’s rain and storm warnings were a little scary – thoughts of a windy course or even worse, a closed Seawall all went through my mind.

However, mother nature smiled down on us on Sunday morning with cloudy skies and even a little sunshine 15k into the race. So, there I was on the start line, feeling a little nervous but actually pretty healthy and reasonably confident I could run a decent race.

I was seriously trying to hang back but still got to the first k within 4 mins (anything under 4.10 was too fast for this race) but as long as you can catch this within the first couple of kilometres and it’s not ridiculously fast then you are okay. So, I quickly settled into a steady pace as we ran down towards the seawall and past my apartment onto my home running ground.

Steady pace on track and feeling good at the half way mark at 44mins. So, my goal was sub 1.30, and then, of course, there are thoughts at this point of a potential 88mins. However, as always there are many conversations during the course of a race. Typically in a half it is always a bit of a struggle at 15-16k and today was no different. A bit of the wind on a couple of points on the seawall made it seem just a little harder but hey, it could have been way worse so head down and get it done.

I knew at 19k that my sub 1.30 was pretty much in the bag unless I totally blew up but it was still a tough last couple of K. I was delighted to cross the line in 1.29.18 – my best time in almost 4 years.

I also placed 3rd in my age group which is great as this is a pretty competitive race. As usual, lots of my friends ran way faster races but I think one of the best things about this race is how much we all enjoyed it. It is definitely one of the best-organised races with a great field, excellent post race food, prizes, clothing and medals. Thanks so much to the organisers and volunteers for a great race.

Janette Purdham
Kintec Race Team

Thanks as always to Kintec and ASICS.

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