Custom Orthotics vs. Insoles

Custom Orthotics vs. Insoles

Custom orthotics vs. insoles – what’s the difference? Many of our first-time customers ask us this and often wonder which is the best suited for their needs.

Custom orthotics vs. insoles

For some people who need general arch support and pain relief, an over-the-counter insole is a great, inexpensive option. For others who spend hours a day on their feet or have foot-related issues, custom orthotics might be better.

1. We use a 3D impression of your foot to create custom orthotics, for more precise contouring of your foot shape.

2. They are also adjustable to provide a more fine-tuned fit and supportive feel.

3. Custom foot orthotics can fit a broader range of shoe types.

1. Insoles use a variety of different materials to allow our Fitting Experts to fit you with the right type of insole for your feet.

2. They are a great way to provide general arch support.

3. An affordable way to provide immediate pain relief.

Talk To An Expert!

When you come into a Kintec location, our Fitting Experts will be able to guide you through a fitting process and help you determine which product would be better suited to your individual needs.

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