Kintec Mobile Fit Lab Pre-Injury Screening For BC Lions (CTV Vancouver)

Kintec Mobile Fit Lab Pre-Injury Screening For BC Lions (CTV Vancouver)

By identifying any biomechanical issues and or pre-existing medical conditions, Kintec helps the players either avoid injury or increase the speed with which they can get back to the field of play if they do get injured. This will translate into more practice and time to play for each athlete.

Jon Shepherd, Senior Pedorthist, and Dr. Ryan Chang, PhD in Biomechanics and Certified Pedorthist work with the BC Lions to assess players’ foot function and existing mal-alignment conditions prior to the season starting.

The purpose is to create Personalised Player Baseline Information, valuable for treating future injuries and comparing the player’s pre and post injury alignment and gait. This will also assist in designing any orthotic treatment programs if needed.

The assessments were done in the Kintec Mobile Fit Lab trailer at the BC Lions training facility, equipped with state of the art video gait and pressure analysis systems.

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