How to find the right home footwear for your unique feet?

How to find the right home footwear for your unique feet?

Home footwear does a lot more than keep your feet cozy during cold winter nights. These comfortable slippers also provide the support your feet need while doing chores around the house.

You may think you don’t need to wear footwear around the house. But if you wear orthotics in your work or running shoes, why not keep supporting your feet at home?

Many people think of home footwear as just fuzzy, fluffy wool slippers. But the truth is that there are so many versatile styles to choose! From soft, fluffy slip-on shoes with removable insoles, to open-toed models with built-in support, we carry a variety of home footwear styles at Kintec.


Benefits of Home Footwear

Slippers with arch and metatarsal support will provide comfort and reduce strain on the feet and legs. Specific fabrics will breathe, and keep feet dry while they stay nice and warm. Some slippers have removable footbeds, to accommodate custom orthotics.

Top-quality materials such as leather, sheepskin, and cotton make up many supportive slippers on the market today. People with cold feet may also start wearing these slippers to keep warm. Sheepskin breathes easily and doesn’t allow moisture to accumulate inside the slippers. This means your slippers won’t be sweaty or smelly.

Wearing the proper pair of slippers will help people with diabetes. The blood flow to their feet will improve and they will reduce the risk of skin irritations and injuries.

These slippers are seamless and made to give enough room around the toe area. Pedorthists highly recommend them, especially for patients healing from operations.


Supportive, Comfortable Slippers

Here are some of the key types of supportive home footwear we carry, and their benefits.

The Classic Slipper

When you think of the quintessential pair of winter slippers, you probably think of something like the Sorel Nakiska or Birkenstock Zermatt Shearling.

The Sorel is a structured model that is soft and comfortable, with a full lambswool inner and a suede upper. It has a removable insole, and a solid backing, so you can insert a pair of custom orthotics into it with ease. While the Zermatt features an iconic cork latex footbed, and to keep you extra cozy, it’s fully lined in genuine shearling that will keep your feet warm all winter long. The upper consists of soft genuine wool.

Plus, its full rubber outsole offers excellent grip on wet surfaces.

This style of slippers, from Birkenstock and other brands, will help keep your feet supported, and warm during the winter months.

The Casual Slip-On

For a pair of slippers that are more discreet and easy to slip on and off, you may be interested in the Biotime Ernie and Emma models.

These shoes are both backless, making them easy to slip on easily. With a boiled wool blend upper and fleece lining, Ernie and Emma are an ideal choice to wear in an office that will still keep your feet warm and dry.

These models from Biotime can also accommodate an orthotic. The insoles are removable, and the slippers are structured enough to accommodate the additional support.

While their fleece lining does keep the feet warm, Ernie and Emma are versatile enough to wear year-round.

The Year-Round Style

If you’re looking for a more versatile shoe to wear inside the house from spring to winter, Birkenstock carries a few styles that will work for you.

The footbed of the Birkenstock Arizona and Birkenstock Amsterdam both have cross- and longitudinal- arch supports, to maximally distribute pressure on the foot.

The Arizona features two wide, adjustable cross straps and a layer of foam cushioning below the leather lining.

Meanwhile, with a wool felt upper, the Amsterdam is a clog-style shoe. It has a deep heel cup, which promotes proper heel alignment. The built-in toe bar guides the toes in a natural motion.

At the front of the shoes, the edge is also elevated to protect the toes, and the lining is a comfortable top to the flexible cork latex base.


Want to experience the Kintec difference?

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  • Lorraine Chong

    October 30, 2021 at 7:29 am Reply

    Could Kintec order the Biotime “Elise” slipper? What would the cost and estimate delivery time be?

    • Sarah Mitchell

      November 2, 2021 at 10:34 am Reply

      Hi Lorraine, if you come to one of our store locations we should be able to special order the slipper in for you from Biotime. This may take 2-4 weeks. It appears that this slipper is about $70.00 plus tax.

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