Columbia Montrail Caldorado II Outdry Extreme Shoe Review

Columbia Montrail Caldorado II Outdry Extreme Shoe Review

Test-drive location: North Vancouver, BC. Pre-run for short course of Bucking Hell trail race on Seymour Mountain. Weather: Very wet! Perfect for testing new waterproofing technology.


I would say the Caldorado II Outdry Extreme is medium-fitting through heel and midfoot. I have a higher instep, which wasn’t a problem. The heel fit was secure, with no irritation from the top-line collar on my ankle or my Achilles.


The midsole of the Caldorado II felt similar to Montrail’s FKT model; reasonably firm, lightweight and responsive feel. Again, the waterproofing of the upper helped avoid that heavy feeing after running in the rain for a couple of hours.

The neutral midsole, made of Montrail’s Fluid Foam EVA and the FluidGuide technology, provides a nice touch of medial foot control while careening down Dales.

I appreciated the Trail Shield rock plate on the rockier sections. The only part I missed on this shoe would be the build of a rocker in the forefoot to aid with toe-off mechanics.

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The outsole on the Caldorado II comes with Montrail’s ‘Gryptonite’ – molded into three-point multi-directional lugs, which has been featured in previous versions of the FKT and Bajada. On wet wood and granite, this sole performed nicely and didn’t slip, although I was a little conservative on those descents.

Overall Impression

It’s exciting to see new shoe technology unveiled! I feel privileged to be one of the first to use Outdry Extreme, a permanent beading surface that will not absorb water in the outer fabric and yet maintain an element of breathability.

Indeed, I was impressed that my feet

a) remained toasty dry, and

b) did not steam themselves from the inside-out over the course of a two-and-a-half hour effort.

The Outdry Extreme fabric is a little rubbery. However, it wasn’t stiff enough for me to notice in any way while I was running.

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A distinct advantage of the Outdry Extreme material versus a more traditional waterproof-breathable laminate is that the waterproof layer is on the outside of the majority of the upper’s material. This means it protects most of the shoe – not just the foot – from water. Therefore, it won’t get heavier when you plod through puddles.

With all this being said, it is likely this shoe would not be my preference in sunny, warm weather, (We do get warm weather here, right?) or if your feet tend to sweat profusely.

Michael Ryan, BHK, CPed(C), MSc, PhD
Director of Research and Development, Kintec

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