Brooks PureGrit 3 Review

Brooks PureGrit 3 Review

The Brooks PureGrit 3 is the third generation of the PureGrit line from Brooks as part of their Pure Project, and a significant change from the previous version. Renowned ultramarathoner Scott Jurek was instrumental in the development process. The PureGrit 3 received a full redesign from top to bottom, while maintaining true to the principles of the Pure Project Collection- namely, simple, comfortable, and balanced.

Like the previous generations, the PureGrit 3 has a 4mm offset with an anatomical shaped footbed of Brooks BioMoGo DNA enhanced foam. This gives the shoe a surprisingly cushioned shoe for a model falling within the “minimalist” category of trail footwear.  I was surprised with the amount of outsole protection when traversing over roots, rocks and generally technical terrain. Certainly, the shoe falls at the more cushioned end of the minimalist footwear spectrum.

The most significant change to the PureGrit 3 was the outsole. Brooks moved to a more aggressive outsole with an octagonal lug pattern. A forefoot rock plate was also added. The combination of these two features makes the PureGrit 3 a much more conducive trail shoe for technical terrain. The more aggressive lug pattern is immediately noticeable. However, the lugs are not too deep and therefore, the shoe works well on less technical terrain as well (such as hard packed trails and fire road).

The upper on the PureGrit 3 remains relatively unchanged. The flexible material gives the foot lots of play, while the elastic Nav Band over the midfoot holds thing snug. This combination provides for a comfortable fit through the midfoot while providing flexibility in the toe box. My only complaint was the wider tongue. I found this design led to difficulty in keeping the tongue centered on my foot throughout the run. It would often move off to one side of my foot after a few miles, especially on more technical terrain.

Overall, the PureGrit 3 fits between the traditional and minimalist trail shoe. The low profile and 4mm off set gives the shoe strong ground-feel contact. On the other hand, the slightly more aggressive outsole and cushioned footbed provide ample protection for those runners looking for a bit more under foot. I would highly recommend this shoe for the avid trail runner that is looking for a slighter lighter shoe that still provides plenty of protection.

Adam Way
Kintec Race Team

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