Brooks Glycerin 13 Shoe Review

Brooks Glycerin 13 Shoe Review

The Brooks Glycerin 13 continues to meet my running needs!


Although the shoes are heavy by runner standards – weighing in at 11.3 ounces, or 320 grams – they offer superb cushioning for all training runs. I’ve typically run many training miles in earlier versions of the Glycerin over the years. I always felt confident that this newest model would be comfortable when I took them out for an easyish 15-km road run – and they were very comfortable.

In fact, and it seems to me, they might be more comfortable than my Glycerin 11s (I haven’t run in the 12s). The shoes fit like a glove. The seamless uppers apparently have ‘3D overlays’, which help them conform to the foot. Lacing these Glycerins up, the runner can expect them to provide an ultra-cushioned run with good foot alignment due to the rounded heel. As well, this model has easy foot flexibility, allowed by the segmented structure of the sole crash pad.

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What activities are suitable for this shoe?

These neutral shoes would be suitable for all types of runners as they work through their weekly running regime. The Glycerin 13s are adaptable enough to allow a runner to use them for a long Sunday run, a mid-week tempo, a run through easy trails, and even a trip around the track. They can be your everyday go-to training shoes that give you the confidence to complete your various runs, generally, very well.

I plan to run almost all of my training miles in these shoes. Then, I will switch to a lighter racing-type shoe for shorter races like a 5K or a 10K. I would consider these shoes for a training half-marathon or even a training marathon. But, if I were on the hunt for a new PB, I would think the heaviness of the Glycerins would send me to a lighter shoe.

Overall Impression

I have to say that the Glycerins continue to be my favourite running shoe. There really isn’t any running that they cannot do.

Mike Palichuk
Kintec Race Team Member
Langley Run Clinic Instructor

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