Biotime Riley

Biotime Riley

The Riley’s are a pair of low to mid-calf length military dress boots in Biotime’s Winter 2014 line up. These boots also have a heel to them, a little less than 2 inches high. The uppers are made from vintage leather, which provides a smooth polished look, with a knit collar to give it a rugged touch.

The Riley is quite tapered and long, and would fit narrow to regular width feet best. They also fit long so going down a size may be required. The heel counter is strong, so it does help to provide good heel control, and provide a more secure fit for narrow heels. It may fit snug around the forefoot initially, but it loosens up a little as you wear it when the leather softens. The knit collar also stretches comfortably to allow for a better fit for different calf widths.

There is a thin removable liner from these shoes, which would allow for dress or heel orthotics, or slimmer over-the-counter insoles. Laces and an adjustable closure give a secure fit of the ankle and also allows for flexible fit of the boot. The laces are a bit short, and may not be able to be done up the full upper which probably part of the style. It is not too hard to replace with longer laces if so desired though.

The Riley are meant to be a casual walking shoe, and definitely winter worthy as they can be treated with waterproofing waxes and sprays.

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