#AskAnExpert – Running Tips

#AskAnExpert – Running Tips

Thank you for joining us for another episode of #AskAnExpert. We featured a special guest on this episode about running: Ryne Melcher!

Ryne has been running for 22 years and has spent a lot of that time teaching others how to become better runners. An ultra marathon runner, co-team manager for Canada’s Ultra Marathon Team, and NCCP-certified coach, he has represented Canada five times at the World 100km Championships. In 2010, he set the Canadian Record for 50 miles on trail, at 5:54:15. This spring, he will be instructing trail running clinics in North Vancouver.

Needless to say, if you have a question about running, he’s the person to ask.

To make it easier to search for answers to questions you asked, we have included timestamps to where it was discussed in the video. Use the time listed after each topic as a guide!

Nutrition For Runners (2:26)

The fuel you put into your body will affect your running performance; be sure to fuel your body with the appropriate fuel for each exercise you take part in. While you are taking on a long run, you should try to consume 250 calories and 20 ounces of water per hour. However, specific nutrition and water needs can vary from person to person, and drinking too much water can lead to serious complications.


Training For An Ultramarathon (6:45, 21:38)

Assuming that you have experience running long races, you should be successfully able to get ready for an ultra marathon in about four months. The ideal schedule calls for four to five days a week set aside in your week for training. It isn’t recommended to spend only one or two days main days in that time getting ready for such a big race – these races need a commitment to training.


Training For Trail Running (10:47, 24:12)

The approach to trail running is very different from road racing, right down to the shoes. Trail shoes have more grip than shoes for road running, as you need the traction when coming across muddy, slick surfaces. Shoes meant for trail running also provide protection against rough surfaces out on the trails.

It is recommended that you see a fitting expert about fitting for a trail shoe.


Tips For Beginning Runners (17:15)

Starting out as a runner can be intimidating, but with the right frame of mind, you can overcome those nerves easily.

Be sure to start slow, and pace yourself appropriately – and don’t be afraid of calling it a night before you push yourself too hard. Taking on too much too soon when it comes to running can cause you to lose steam fast, and give up running altogether after just a few weeks.


Finding A Good Running Shoe (24:12)

No two feet are exactly the same, so it can be difficult to find a running shoe that fits perfectly with your body. We recommending visiting a Kintec store and asking one of our fitting experts to help you try on a pair of shoes. They will be able to give you more insight to how your shoes should be fitting.


Strength Training For Runners (26:34)

Strength training can be very beneficial for runners. However, be sure to take enough days off to rest, so that you aren’t hindered from running because of your other training activities.

Crossfit training is also beneficial, however, it is recommended that you try a modified or reduced routine if you are also an active runner.


Exercises For Foot Rehabilitation (29:47)

Light exercise can activate and strengthen foot muscles, which in turn promotes healing. These exercises are derived from physiotherapy and are quick and easy to complete anywhere.


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