Is Knee OA affecting your lifestyle?

Imagine a custom insole that both reduces pain and unloads the knee.

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Variable Density
Osteoarthritis Orthosis

The first ever custom insole developed exclusively to treat knee osteoarthritis

University tested to unload the knee: more than symptom reduction, VDOO brings load reduction!

Unload Your Knee and
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Custom V.D.O.O Anatomy

Custom V.D.O.O Anatomy

VDOO also supports your foot! VDOO is the only insole to both stabilize your foot while addressing symptoms of knee OA

Regular Insole

V.D.O.O Insole

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You will meet with a certified pedorthist who will review your history, conduct a biomechanical exam and access your gait. They will build a treatment plan including the custom vdoo, footwear recommendations.

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Supportive Arch Element
Provides comfortable and custom contoured foot and ankle support.
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Composite Shell Frame

By using a combination of composite shell densities, the VDOO provides extra support to the foot while reducing knee loads.

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Unloading Wedge

The lateral wedge is a personalized degree of unloading support for your knee. Less load equals better long term outcomes such as improved physical function and delayed surgery.

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