Kintec Race Team Profile

Ermin Pagtakhan


I would never have considered myself to be a runner until I attempted the Sun Run in 2009. Even after that event I still didn’t really consider myself to be a runner. The only exposure to running was back middle school when I did track and cross country. My main focus growing up was in team sports. I played soccer, football, baseball, volleyball, and basketball. After high school my focus turned to basketball and weight training.

I dealt with some running related injuries in the summer of 2009 with over training and had to put my attempt at a running career on hold for about a year. I wanted running to be a part of my life for so many different reasons so I knew I had to do it properly. Following a run program, along with proper cross training and stretching, helped me safely get back into the sport and I have not stopped since.

I have completed 3 ultramarathons, 1 full marathon and several half marathons along with several 10k and 5k races. I also look forward to completing my 2nd tough mudder event.

I enjoy running as much as I do eating and I don’t plan to stop. With the support of my wife and kids I continue to participate in as many events as I can and I look forward to my upcoming races and events.

Happy Running!!!