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Plantar Fasciitis Recovery Guide

The key to quick recovery from plantar fasciitis is incorporating a combination of treatments including foot orthotics, proper footwear, foot rollers, as well as stretching, mobility and strengthening exercises.

This guide is your #1 free resource for recovering from plantar fasciitis quickly and easily.

  • Proven routine developed using 2 clinical studies*
  • Recover from plantar fasciitis quickly and easily from home
  • One page PDF printable guide for your home or phone
  • Easy-to-follow exercises with video instruction

Download the recovery guide recommended by Dr. Michael Ryan, PhD, C.Ped (C).

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Ryan PhD, Fraser PT, McDonald Bsc, Taunton, MD. Examining the Degree of Pain Reduction Using a Multielement Exercise Model with a Conventional Training Shoe Versus an Ultraflexible Training Shoe for Treating Plantar Fasciitis. The Physician and Sports Medicine. ISSN – 0091-3847, December 2009, No. 4, Volume 37.

Ryan PhD, Hartwell BKin, Fraser PT, Newshan-West PhD, Taunton MD. Comparison of a Physiotherapy Program Versus Dexamethasone Injections for Plantar Fasciopathy in Prolonged Standing Workers: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Clin J Sport Med  Volume 0, Number 0, Month 2013.